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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last of the Fall cards

Happy Day everyone. I'm sorry I haven't blog as much as I wanted to this week. It has been very busy. I have a part time job that usually is about 10 hours per week. Since it is Christmas the hours have tripled. This should be the last week for such craziness. All the displays are set and stocked now. So I hope next week to finish up some cards and project and get them posted.

Today I am posting the last of the fall cards I did. They were both so simple I didn't make a tutorial for them. I saw the Kraft and white card in a magazine awhile back and loved it. The card they did was for a fall wedding. Since there will be no wedding for me in the future I made mine for the Fall that I love so much. I just love Kraft paper. There is a homey vintage feel to the cards you can make with it. I love love love the contrast of the Karft paper and the white cardstock.

The second card I did is an easel card. It is very simple to do. It takes two rectangles and a hole punch and ribbon. This card will fit into a regular business envelope. The pocket on the inside is perfect for a gift card.

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I took 2 retangles the same size. The top retangle I came down 1 inch from the top and scored a line across (right where I placed the first patterned paper). This gave me the lip to open and close the card. Then I punched two holes and tied  the card together with ribbon.

The leaf paper is only glued on the sides and bottom. Making a great gift card pocket.
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