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Saturday, November 26, 2011

4 Part Tag Card

I'm hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had beautiful day here in Texas. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I've made a video on the 4 part Tag Card I made yesterday. It is a very simple card to construct. No Gypsy or Cricut needed to make this card. All you need is card stock and a corner rounder. I will be making Christmas cards soon. I have a couple more ideas for Thinking of You cards and Birthday cards before I start on my Christmas cards.

Saturday night my grand daughter Kimmy and I worked on getting my old Christmas tree up and decorated. She had a great time and I loved her helping me. They are heading back to Louisiana  on Sunday and I will miss them terribly. Here is a picture of her working on the tree.
Happy Crafting


  1. Hi Terri,

    I love your beautiful 4 part tag!!! :) Thank you so much for taking the time to do a video!

    Hope you enjoyed your family & your tree looks great (what fun decorating with Kimmy!)!

  2. Terri, I really enjoy your videos! I always learn something from you. Thanks you so much for sharing your knowledge and tenchniques. You have inspired me many, many times with all of the different things you do.
    I love the 4-Part Tag Card...lots of ideas for this card are running through my head. Thank You!!

  3. Pam, Thank you so much. You are always so kind with your comments!!!
    Jennifer,Im so glad you liked the card. Kimmy and I had a great time.
    Have a great crafting day!

  4. Terri,
    Love your videos. Thanks for not having music. I turn it off if I can. I like to hear the person on the video explaining the project. You come up with fun ideas. Thanks for sharing with all of us who are crafting challenged.

  5. I made the tag card yesterday for my daughter's birthday and it turned out sooo cute. She is gonna love it! Thanks for sharing with us.


  6. Naomi, Im so glad you enjoyed the card. Id love to see the you made. If possible sent me a pic of your card my email is sugarlite02@aol.com
    Thanks for stopping by my blog


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