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Monday, January 30, 2012

Kimmie is home

What a week this past week has been. But I am happy to announce that Kimmie has been released from the hospital! Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. God is Good!

Now I have to recover myself. Between the overnight hospital sleeping chair and the 10 hour drive home last night. I am now exhausted. I have a full day of work to catch up on. Then Tuesday is my day off. I plan to rest and play in my craft room for a bit.
Thank you again for your kind words and prayers for my sweet grand baby.
Happy Crafting in 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Get Well Card---Duct Tape Style

Hello Everyone
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Get Well Card for the Card A Day Blog.

Today is a very simple but sweet Get Well Card. If you grew up the way I did, then you really get this card. My dad was a Jack of all trades and a master of none of them. He fixed everything with duct tape or Duck tape as we called it when we were kids. LOL. It makes me smile even today.

So I hope you make this card for the " Jack" in your family Or maybe just for the problems we cant really fix at all, but really want to.

Please stop by the Card a Day Blog and see some of the other wonderful cards they have there. A new Card each day of the month. Some wonderful card ideas and some great blogs to follow.

This card is very simple
A-2 size white card.
Decorative paper with Wrenches ( or any type tool) cut at 3 x 4 1/2
White strip cut at 1/2 by 4 1/2 placed above the decorative paper
Blue card stock cut at 2 1/2
Layer on top of blue card stock  mat 4 by 5 1/2
Button from my stash
 I used a punch for the label. I punched it out of duct tape.
I used my computer to print out the sentiment. Then I cut it into strips.
Cut strips of duct tape apply to front of the card

Happy Crafting in 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baby Girl is feeling better

Kimberlee is feeling better today. Though she is not 100%, she is making a good recovery. Her appetite isnt back yet but the fever is gone. So that is some good news.
While waiting on the xrays to come back. Her dad brought in the lap top for her to play on. While Mom snapped some pictures.
Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes. Kimmie will be home soon and be as good as new.
God is Good!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Feel Better Kimmie.. We love you

Sorry everyone I will be taking a few days off my blog. My granddaughter is in the hospital sick with pneumonia. She is doing better today. We expect her to have a full and complete recovery. We hope she will be home safe and sound in the next few days. She is only 5 years old and this has been a scary adventure for her. Please remember her in your prayers. I will be back in a few days and pick up where we left off.
 On the 25th I have a card posting on the CardADay Blog. Funny thing  is that card I have posting at http://cardadayblog.blogspot.com/ is a get well card. That card will also post to this blog on Wednesday.
Take care
Lets all pray that Kimmie is home soon!
Thank you

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentine Wall Hanging

Hello Everyone
I hope you had a great weekend. I worked on the wall hanging I showed in my last video. It is from a book called Flower Power Paper Crafts By Julie Hickey. It was published in the UK in 2008. I hope you can still find a copy of the wonderful book. There are several cards in this book that are fantastic.
  She used several punches and an oval cutter to make her wall hanging. I used my Cricut and a few carts.

Here is what I cut:
Hanger ( use the inside of the hanger) cut from Straight From The Nest at 7 1/4 inches
Oval cut 2 times from George at 6 inches
Hearts ( use the shift heart) cut 6 times from George at 4 inches
Flowers small cut 12 times at 2 1/2 inches from Picturesque
              Large cut 4 times at 3 1/2 inches from Picturesque
Girl and Boy cut twice from A Child's Year at 4 inches
If you do not have these carts. Look around on the carts you do have. These are basic cuts. I'm sure you have some that will work just fine.
    I cut and assembled the wall hanging so when it turned you would see the design on both sides. I strung it together with pink and white yarn. I used wooden buttons from my stash in the center of each flower, tied with yard. The pattern paper I used from from the Linens and Lace stack from Joann's.
   This wall hanger would also be adorable in traditional Valentine colors. I can see it made with a different cut for the oval to celebrate a baby's birth as a mobile. I love home decor that has so many applications.
Here is a pic of the original wall hanging from the book.

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting in 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Lacy Window Card


Good Morning Everyone
Today I have a wonderful card. Its called a Wedding Lacy Window card. It could be used for some many occasions. Mothers day, sympathy card, a teenage card ( if done in wild colors) I will be using mine as a Valentine card for my mom. She isn't a frilly girl. So this card will have just the right amount of feminine charm.
I found this card in a book called Flower Power.
I hope you enjoy the video. After I made the card and the video I decided to make it with hearts too. I like the idea of the hearts. I ran out of hearts but I wanted to show it to you. It would make a cute card too.

Happy Crafting in 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3rd Valentine Card from Paper Crafts

Here is the 3rd of the  Valentine cards I made from the magazine Paper Crafts. These are the 3 that I just loved from that magazine.
I hope you enjoy the video and make some great Valentine cards. Im working on a hand full of other cards and a home decor project. I plan to get the home decor project done this week !!! And posted!
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

3 Valentine cards with Buttons

Hello Everyone
Here is the second  video of the cards from a magazine I spoke about a few videos ago. I did 3 cards that I loved from a magazine called Paper Crafts. I think it was from 2011. I loved this card because of the buttons. I love old buttons.  This video is on card #2 of the 3 cards. I will do a video on card #3 tomorrow.

I did 3 versions  of the #2 card. I made one with Pink Buttons, Red Buttons and a Vintage card with Old buttons from my stash. I hope you enjoy the video. I'll see you tomorrow!

Thanks for watching.
Happy Crafting in 2012

Where to store your Handmade Cards?

Pinterst to the rescue-----------
This morning I realized I didn't like the way my cards were just thrown into a pile in a cardboard box. I remember seeing on Pinterst  a few days ago. Where some really cute old vintage suitcases were being used to hold cards for weddings. I thought that is a very sweet idea. Plus I already had a great old case. So I got out my cricut, Story Book cart and Birthday Bash cart. I cut out the banner from BB and added an extra banner and cut off the bird. I then cut my letters from SB. I like the way the banner came out. I glued it across the top of the old case. This will be a great place to store the cards I make in multiplies.

It took 15 minutes!!
I hope this helps you find a place for your handmade cards too.

Happy Crafting in 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Faux Gold/Sliver leaf Card

Good Morning Everyone!!
Last night I made a video of the 5x7 Heart Faux Gold/ Silver Leaf  Card. I used metallic tissue paper to give the heart card a faux gold and one in silver leaf. I love the look of this card. It is very simple in its design and perfect to give to the man in your life. I hope you enjoy it!
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting in 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Loved Valentine Card

Hello Everyone!!
Today I have a Valentine card that I just love. I saw this card last year in a magazine and cut it out. I wanted to save the picture and try my hand at making this card one day. Here is my take on the lovely Valentine card. It was made my Jo Kill. I still love her original card.

I was going through my stash of torn out magazines card pictures.  I found a few I really love. So this week I plan to show you my take on a few of my favorite saved pics of cards from this last year.
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting in 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vintage Valentine Card

Hello everyone!!
This is my very first post for Card A Day Blog. I am so excited to be a design there. Thank you so much for the opportunity to show you my Vintage Valentine Card. on the CADB.

I've made a video showing you how easy this cute little Valentine is to make. I used a cutout from a Dover Image Book. The book I used dates back to 1994. I know that Dover still publishes these books. If you dont have one or cant locate the Dover books. You could easily use a Cricut cut, any die cut, a stamped image or a digital image. This card is a nice simple 3D card.

I  hope you enjoy my first video and my first card for the CADB blog. Thanks so much for stopping by. When you get a chance come on over to the  http://cardadayblog.blogspot.com/ and be sure and say hello. Be here tomorrow for another great card.
Thanks again
Happy Crafting in 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Shadow Box

Over on the Ranger Yahoo group someone was asking about how to put a jacket in a shadow box. 17 years ago my hubby gave me an antique dress for my 35th birthday. I will turn 53 this year. The dress was made in the early 1900's.   For the first year I had the top and the skirt on a dress form in my sewing room. I  realized that it was not going to hold up and needed to the put out of the air. The skirt I left in the box and placed in a trunk. The skirt did not survive all these years. The shadow box I used was once a table. I took off the legs to make it a box. I used archival tissue paper to stuff the top. The dress is pinned to the velvet backing.  I had a lot of antiques that I added to the box. A purse, a comb, an invitation, ear rings, a watch bob and at one time I had a jeweled pen and pencil set. When my daughter was very small she took the pen and pencils out to play with. By the time I realized they were gone she had no idea what she had done with them. WE never found them. She is 24 now and still feels bad when she sees the dress without them. I have not been able to replace them.
When my freind and I placed the dress in this box, we had no idea what we were doing. We knew to use archival tisiue but that about it. We used foam tape to close the door of the box. That kept the air out and  to closed the box lid.
It has been a while since I've looked closely at the dress. It still makes me smile today.
Happy Crafting in 2012

Felt Heart Valentine Card

Hello Everyone. Today I have a Felt Heart Valentine Card for you. I was on Pintrest the other day. I saw a lady doing a tutorial where she took two pieces of felt. She weaved them together to make a great basket. I wanted that same weaved heart look for my card.

I went to her web site here --http://craftsanity.com and downloaded her template here --http://craftsanity.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Scan-page.pdf . First I did the heart in paper and was as very pleased with the look. Then I did it in felt and I loved it. It is great for a vintage valentine card. The felt doesn't really add that much more weight or bulk to the card. Here is my video tutorial. I hope you enjoy it and make some of theses hearts. Also check out the video on the original web site. The basket she made was adorable too.

Sorry , You tube wouldn't let me edit the video this morning. I will try after work today. It may be working by then.

Happy Crafting in 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 5 of Marions 31 Day Challenge

                                                          Day 5 Marion's Journal Challenge

Day 5 was an interested day. I learned to my surprise how important my cell phone was to me. If your at the Cell office a quarter to closing in a  complete panic. Like it was the Cell Phone emergency room. You might need to check your attachment to this object.
    My cell was pronounced dead on the scene. Due to a bathroom accident that happened earlier that day. No, it didn't hit water but it did take a very hard nose dive and a long slide across three stalls and hit a wall. I tried to revive it all  that day and into the evening. But about 15 minutes before the cell office closed I decide I couldnt wait any longer and took the old phone in. They sold me a new phone with all the bells and whistles. Then over night my old phone found new life and started working again good as new!!! But 12 hours later it was to late I was already in love with another and there was no going back.

This weekend I will be taking a break from the challenge and will be working on a few cards for The Card A Day blog I'm a designer on. I hope you join me and the other wonderful designers over on CADB.
Happy Crafting in 2012

Day 4 Of Marions 31 Challenge

Day 4 of Marions Journal challenge.

On day 4, I had such a fantastic day. Have you ever had a day where you felt hope was so high. 2011 was such a crazy year not only for me but for members of my family. We all talked about the great hope we had for 2012, when we were all together at Christmas. Then on the 4th so many things started changing that my hope and faith was at such a high point.

I know everyday wont be spectacular so when you have a good day make note of it. As we are doing in this challenge.
This challenge has been such a blessing to me. It made me stop and on each day reflect what happened that day. Nothing that has happened was expected or planned. It makes me look at each day in detail. Something I have not done in a very long time. This challenge makes me look forward to tomorrow with expectations of hope that this year is different.

Now on day 5..wellll not as good. My cell phone broke and I had a 2 hour chat with customer service. I then spent money I didn't want to spend buying a new phone. Then this morning I woke to my old phone returning to it correct state and working as if it had never went blank. Not only did it go blank yesterday then it come back on with all the screen's showing backwards. The phone company swore they had never seen a phone this possessed and could not possibly fix it. No warranty left. Then this morning is working as if it was a new phone.  wow!! 
Thank goodness I had a good day on day 4 . Otherwise I would have thought this year is %$%&**#%^%

We will see how I interpret that tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting in 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some exciting news and Day 3

Page 3 was a blast to do. I do enjoy this type of art. However, I'm not sure how its showing on the blog. Most of the people who follow my blog are card makers. I understand  some may not be interested  in the Mix Media Art projects thus far. Don't worry I will be back to posting cards very soon.
                      I have some exciting news
 I have been ask to be a designer on the Card a Day blog http://cardadayblog.blogspot.com/ . I'm am so excited to be asked to participant with such wonderful card markers.
  Thank you ladies so much for inviting me into your group. I can't wait to get back to making and posting cards. My first card for the Card a Day blog is January 10th. I hope you will join me on their wonderful blog.
Here is how day 3 turned out. I enjoyed the process of making this page. I used a napkin, mod podge and lots of paint, some bling and tissue paper. It looks like it was thrown together in 10 minutes took me 2 hours!!!! A labor of love. At least a card that takes two hours usually looks like you put that much work into it. This mix media art form has me having mixed emotions about it.
Here are the pic's from day 3
Picture of me on day 3 showing off my badge from work.

I added a small card over the pocket. It covers most of my pic. Inside the card I wrote my thoughts on the day. Over all I like this page and enjoyed doing it.
Thanks for stopping by
Join me over at Card A Day Blog http://cardadayblog.blogspot.com/
Happy crafting 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 2 of Marions 31 day challenge

I have completed day 2. I wish I could say this mix media art is getting easier for me. Im not sure it is. But I remember back to the first few cards I made. I would hate to share them with you now.They did not show any great promise of a good card maker. So I will keep trying until I come up with some pages I like. I doubt I'll like them all but I am enjoying the process.

This is the tag that goes behind the sunflower page.I still need to go back and add a few details to the tag. However time got away from me this morning.

On day 1-2-12 My son and I painted my curb numbers for the house.  We went to Lowe's and got the supplies and he did my curb. He did a great job and  now all my neighbors want him to freshen up their curbs too. So it  is great for everyone. He can make extra pocket change while he is staying with me this winter. 

Now on to day 3. Yesterday I was told I will be getting a new District Manager. I work part time 10-15 hours per week. So it shouldnt be that big of a deal. But I like my DM now so I hope the change will be good. So I will try and interpret that into the next page of January.

Happy Crafting in 2012


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 1 Of Marions 31 Challenge

Ok I got the first day's page done. It took me 3 tries and a few more hours than I had planned. But hey I'm learning. Right????  As you can see from my finished page I was on Christy's web page(http://christytomlinson.typepad.com/) and used her Flower Garden canvas as my inspiration. I also took some inspiration from Nicole Pomeroy
 I took what I did New Years day (which was a blind date) and I interpreted that  date into this page. I added a journal page inside the pocket. Where I wrote about the expectations of the day. It was a lot of fun to do. One good thing about Mixed Media Art you cant take yourself or the subject to seriously. Today, that's a good thing for me.

On to Day 2. Yesterday my son and I painted our house numbers on the curb... hmmmmm wonder what that page will look like. Please join me tomorrow and we will find out.
Since I'm not using Marion's downloads.... I wonder am I doing her challenge? Is the challenge just to journal everyday about your life? If that's it then I'm doing it. Let me know if your participating too.
Happy Crafting 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Marion Smith's 31 Day Challenge

So now what? Its the new year! what direction do I want to go now? I have thinking the past few months about a direction change in my blog this next year. I love making cards and will always make cards. Its my true love.
  As I stated in my last post I want to learn to paint....but I have no talent to paint. I know this but like most things I jump into, I do it anyway. Lack of talent, lack of funds or the lack of common sense has never stopped me before.
 I have been following a blog by Christy Tomlinson  http://christytomlinson.typepad.com/   I love her mixed media art work. I think I want to try and do some of her techniques. Its as close to painting as I will ever get.  I also love Marion Smiths mix media work. http://weareartsyaddicts.blogspot.com/. Marion has a 31 day challenge this month. I was thinking I will get my feet wet in the mix media art world by doing her challenge. My book will be done with mix media.  I will use some of Marion's techniques and some of Christies and some I make up.

Here is the book I choose to use for my Mix Media 31 day book about me.
it is 9 x10. The pages will be 8 x 81/2
Let's all remember I have NEVER done any mixed media art work like this. I did do a card last year that has some mix media http://ramblingsofatexascraftroom.blogspot.com/2011/04/video-paris-inspired-card.html Looking over all my post this past year, that card was my favorite card. So I guess I need to explore this side of the craft world and see where it takes me. I hope you will come along with me. So this could be a wonderful learning experience or a bust. Time will tell. I best get my supplies together and get my camera. I hope you take this 31 day challenge with me.

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting 2012