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Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 5 of Marions 31 Day Challenge

                                                          Day 5 Marion's Journal Challenge

Day 5 was an interested day. I learned to my surprise how important my cell phone was to me. If your at the Cell office a quarter to closing in a  complete panic. Like it was the Cell Phone emergency room. You might need to check your attachment to this object.
    My cell was pronounced dead on the scene. Due to a bathroom accident that happened earlier that day. No, it didn't hit water but it did take a very hard nose dive and a long slide across three stalls and hit a wall. I tried to revive it all  that day and into the evening. But about 15 minutes before the cell office closed I decide I couldnt wait any longer and took the old phone in. They sold me a new phone with all the bells and whistles. Then over night my old phone found new life and started working again good as new!!! But 12 hours later it was to late I was already in love with another and there was no going back.

This weekend I will be taking a break from the challenge and will be working on a few cards for The Card A Day blog I'm a designer on. I hope you join me and the other wonderful designers over on CADB.
Happy Crafting in 2012

1 comment:

  1. I remember how life existed before the cell phone and even before the computer, LOL. But I don't think I could live to long without either now, love modern conviences. Very nicely done and I enjoy the story telling too. Have fun with that new phone.


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