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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How I made my felt roses

Here is the video I made to show how I made my felt roses for my dress form.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ribbon Dress Form

I've been very busy but not on the project I had wanted to do. I have been thinking over the past few weeks I need to move some things around in my craft room. So the past few days I've made some progress but not enough progress to show you. My craft room is so very small ( 10x10). I still need to move and reorganize a 6 ft shelf and 2 large wire paper racks. I'm debating if I will move them because I dont think I will gain much space.However I think my small space may look better once they are moved. So do I want to do all that work just for the decorative benefit? A question I'm still trying to decide.

So this is what I have been doing instead of moving the heavy furniture. I bought the cutest heavy wire dress form. She is about 23 inches tall. I placed her on my craft table and added my small scraps of ribbon to the bottom of the form. I had my small scraps of ribbon in a large jar and I never went through it them. Now that I have them tied to the bottom of the dress form. I think I will use it more. I look forward to adding more. Its decorative and useful. I'm hoping to do a video on how I made the small felt flowers that I placed around her collar. So check back in the next few days and I should have the video up. Ive made a few more cards.

Geo-Die Valentine card

Inside of the Geo-Die Valentine card

This  card was done with the Country Life cart.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Geo-Die Card--My very first video

Here is my very first video. Its not a work of art but the message is
clear.... I love the Geo-Die. Thanks for sharing my big moment. I had a hard hard time downloading the video to my blog. I had to first download to my facebook then move it over to You Tube then to the blog.There has to be a better way. I will need to find it before I download any more. For some reason my software isnt working together.
 Thank  you to Kathy at http://kathyskraftsandmore.blogspot.com/ for bestowing this award on me. I Thank You so much. Im so glad you enjoyed my cards.
To accept this award I have to -

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded me
2. Share 8 things about myself
3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award

                8 things about me
1. My blog has been up since Oct 2010
2. I am  a single Grandmother with 2 dogs and a cat
3.I'm obsessed with the $1.00 bin at Michael's
4.I live in Ft worth Texas and have been in Texas my whole life.
5. I have lots of friends but not one of them paper crafts. Not One!!!
6. I play domino's every Friday night with a group of friends
7. I collect flashlights. I have 200 plus antique lights. Dating from 1900-1960
8. Last but the most important. I am a Christan. God is the Lord of my life and he watches over for me.

Now for the fun part! I get to share with you the bloggers who make my blog hopping so much fun.
1.Creations from the Card Cave
2.He IS Able
3.Scrapaddict {4} Life
5.Blogging With Mainely Twigs
6.Stampwilly Designs
7.Created By Jill
8.Janey's Cards

Thank you so much for letting me enjoy and share the most wonderful hobby on earth.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Monday Everyone

Wow 20 followers,  thank you!!!

Thanks for stopping my and taking a look at my cards. I have been working on a few more. I am just now getting to enjoy my A Child Year cart. I really like it. So many great cuts. I have a few more cards im working on. I hope to get them finished and downloaded today. If I do I will share them tomorrow.
Thank you again for stopping by.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Look of my Blog

The new look of my blog is courtesy of *Cute 'n' Cool* Backgrounds. They GIVE you a free header. If you have a blog check them out. Thank you Cute and Cool!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ive been at it again


Wow, 17 followers. Thank you !!

Yesterday I made a ton of cards with the Geo-die. I cant stop !!!! I have been experimenting with several types of paper and materials. The felt didn't work well at all but I've not given up. Foam worked ok but the look wasn't worth the effort ( for me). Cardboard with the ridges looked great. The contrast of the smooth side and when you fold it you get the crinkle side. That was worth a another look. I will work on that tomorrow. Here are a few of the cards I made. Thank you so very much for stopping by. Please leave a comment. Id love to see what you think.


Here is a pic of what im working on next week. I took a $1.00 plastic frame for the Dollar Tree. Once you turn it over you get a stand. I put designer paper  inside and added a note pad
You could move the note pad to the top and add a photo mat. I will make a few this weekend and see how they turn out. I plan to sell them at our church bookstore.

Happy Crafting from Texas

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Geo- Die Card

Here is the card I made this morning. I think I love this die!! It is so easy and it makes  great embellishments.
Made with two  4" square's  of card stock glued together.

Rubber Stamp Show

I was at the Rubber Stamp Show in Grapevine Texas this past weekend. I got so many great stamps and supplies. The one thing I got that I have never seen before was a Geo-Die. This is a very cool pattern die that I use in my Cuttle Bug. Here are some of the examples I made yesterday. It cuts out a geometric design  you simply run through the Cuttle Bug with 2 sided paper, fold and tuck the flaps. The one die I bought you can get two cuts/ two designs from the same die. Here is the link to the demo.WWW. Geo-Dies.com. I cant wait to get all 10 they make. The price range from $16-$26. They have  great tutorials and instructions. This is going to make some wonderful cards.
You run it through once you get this design.

Run it through twice you get this wonderful design.
 Sorry about my Pic. My camera is acting werid.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Card Swap for January 2011

Hello Happy Wednesday!! Its card swap day! With a card swap you mail off 12 cards.  6 of 2 designs. The only rule is the cards need to be made with your Cricut. You will get back in the mail 12 different cards. Its is a wonderful way to share the love of card making.The ones I got back for the Christmas swap blew me away. There are so many talented ladies in our group. Here are the 2 cards I made.

Made with A Child Year Cart. Its hard to tell in the pic but the back ground paper is very shinny. I added pearls around the edges. If I had to do it over again I would have made a shadow for her. But I like the card over all
Also made with a Childs Year cart. It is one of my very favorite carts. The small bird on the shovel handle is bend in the pic. I did notice and  it was fixed before I mailed them out  LoL

Today I mailed off my cards for the card swap. I did enjoy making these cards. I'm excited to get the other ladies cards back. Its always exciting to see what the others card makers are doing. I made these cards while making about 40 for the church bookstore to sale. I will show them in the next few days. i hope you enjoy these.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Sunday !!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

I hope you are all ready for some bad weather. I'm afraid the cold and rain will turn to ice and snow. It was cold and rainy today as we traveled to church.

I have been working on a ton of cards. I took some time out this morning and took a few pics of the Valentine ones I have been working on. I dropped about 25 cards off at the church bookstore today. I sale my cards there and donate the money to our church. It was been a blast seeing everyone's reaction to a simple home made card. They have been selling well and the manager of the bookstore seemed please to receive a new batch. I will download pics as I'm completing them. Here are the Valentine ones.

Yesterday, I spent the day at a Rubber Stamp show. That was the best fun I have had in a long time. I spend way to much money BUT I am pleased with my selections. I have been having a hard time finding some religious stamps locally. I was about ready to order some from the net. Yesterday I found all I needed from the first booth I saw at the show. It was a great blessing!!! I also bought a new die cut from Geo-Dies and Nellies Multi-frames. I cant wait to make a few cards with these. The Geo-Die is so different than anything else I've found. You cut out the design then fold it around the edges and it looks like something you braided. It is very cool. I plan to make a few today. I will download the pics in the morning to show you. I hope everyone is warm and safe throughout this bad weather spell we are expecting. I will be happily in my craft room. I got so many new stamps yesterday. It may be spring before I remerge. That would be ok with me.
Have a great week. Check back tomorrow for the new die-cuts. I will also be done with my cards for the card swap. I'll download those pics as well.

I added a felt flower I made from a sixxiz die. They are so great for cutting felt.

Same here another felt flower

I cut this with my E. The small heart was a iron-on I found at Walmart.
I pop-dotted the Love

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011 So Glad Your Here

Happy New Year Everyone !!

I'm hoping everyone had a great holiday. 2010 is gone and we are on to 2011. My family and I had a wonderful Christmas and we are happy the new year has started. I spend the few days between Christmas and New Years making a few Christmas pages for friends and their new baby. First Christmas are always so special. I did one page for Halloween and a Thanksgiving page. I hope to send them a few pages for every holiday this year. Just so they can mark their first year with their precious baby boy.

Please for give the picture quailty. Not my best camera work. My dear son James gave me a mini video-camera for Christmas. As soon as I learn to use it and upload it on my blog. I hope to make some videos to place there.


Thanksgiving page was done with a preprinted page. The scarecrow was already printed on the page. I added some stickles and some stickers. I made a mat for a photo. It made for a very simple but cute page.
   Sorry the glare is so bad. I took the pics while they were in the photo sleeve. I had already packed them to mail when I noticed it.

This is also a preprinted page. The horses were already printed across the top. I added the bling, letters and the squares.

This page was done with some old christmas cards, stickers and a preprinted page. I cut out the pictures from the front of the old cards.

Combo preprinted page and some Cricut cuts with lots of stickles

The singers and the tree were cut from old christmas cards. I loved the art work so I saved it. The small elfs were some great christmas stickers I found.

Snowman is from an old Christmas card and the cute Elfs were from a sticker set.