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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rubber Stamp Show

I was at the Rubber Stamp Show in Grapevine Texas this past weekend. I got so many great stamps and supplies. The one thing I got that I have never seen before was a Geo-Die. This is a very cool pattern die that I use in my Cuttle Bug. Here are some of the examples I made yesterday. It cuts out a geometric design  you simply run through the Cuttle Bug with 2 sided paper, fold and tuck the flaps. The one die I bought you can get two cuts/ two designs from the same die. Here is the link to the demo.WWW. Geo-Dies.com. I cant wait to get all 10 they make. The price range from $16-$26. They have  great tutorials and instructions. This is going to make some wonderful cards.
You run it through once you get this design.

Run it through twice you get this wonderful design.
 Sorry about my Pic. My camera is acting werid.

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