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Monday, January 24, 2011

Ribbon Dress Form

I've been very busy but not on the project I had wanted to do. I have been thinking over the past few weeks I need to move some things around in my craft room. So the past few days I've made some progress but not enough progress to show you. My craft room is so very small ( 10x10). I still need to move and reorganize a 6 ft shelf and 2 large wire paper racks. I'm debating if I will move them because I dont think I will gain much space.However I think my small space may look better once they are moved. So do I want to do all that work just for the decorative benefit? A question I'm still trying to decide.

So this is what I have been doing instead of moving the heavy furniture. I bought the cutest heavy wire dress form. She is about 23 inches tall. I placed her on my craft table and added my small scraps of ribbon to the bottom of the form. I had my small scraps of ribbon in a large jar and I never went through it them. Now that I have them tied to the bottom of the dress form. I think I will use it more. I look forward to adding more. Its decorative and useful. I'm hoping to do a video on how I made the small felt flowers that I placed around her collar. So check back in the next few days and I should have the video up. Ive made a few more cards.

Geo-Die Valentine card

Inside of the Geo-Die Valentine card

This  card was done with the Country Life cart.


  1. where did you purchase this wire dress frame? I really like it.

  2. Deb
    I got her at Ross. HL had them too but they were twice the price. Let me see your pics when you get her all dolled up


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