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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hello Saturday

Hello Saturday!! I'm so glad your here. I mean Saturday and you of course. Now that I'm retired my days run into each other without any importance. Today I have my cousin coming for a visit. She does have a job and is spending her weekend off with me. So she doesn't have a lot of free time so its nice to have her spend some of it with me. I'm excited it have her here. We are planning on lunch and little does she know a trip to the craft store  LOL She does not share my craziness for crafting.

I have finished the small matchbook album I was making of my granddaughter. I just choose some small pics that showed her wonderful personality. These pics were taken from 2 years old to 4 years old. I like the smallness of this type of album. It would be a quick sweet gift for a new mom or to celebrate any one event.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Friday

Good Morning.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been working on a couple of things but not finishing much. Can you relate? lol. Halloween is coming up and my granddaughter is packing. Her and her family will be moving out of state the first of the month. I will be sad to see them go. Of course we have made the plans of visiting back and forth. Pretending that will be enough and I will not be consumed with loneness for my princess. We will see how it goes. Ok on to cards/crafts before I tear up.
Im working on two mini books. One is a tissue roll book. Here are a few of the pages I have completed.

This is the cover page
 Here is a pic of the match book mini. I havent started decorating the inside yet.
The match book is 5x5

I added vellum between each page. Its hard to see in these pics
but it adds a softness I like
Thanks again for stopping by. I have a fall card completed I will post tomorrrow. I also have some pics of my E that Ive added even more bling to.
Until tomorow, Take care

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My attempt at the Masking Technique

I was working on using some masking techniques. This is my first time to try it. I cut the two images with my E using clear vinyl . I then inked around the image with brown ink. Once I took off the vinyl I had the negative image. I think I will play around some more with masking. Masking could be a lot of fun and very different for me. I used the Child Year cart. This cart is perfect for masking. All the images on this cart are silhouettes which are perfect for this technique. I used pattern paper for the card with the fairy. Once the mask was removed I like the pattern paper showing. I used a small star burst stamp also before I removed the mask. I think I need to do some more experimenting before I get it perfect, but I do like it so far. I do not like the raffla on the  fairy card and the cat card isnt even finished yet. Its a good start. back to my work table. Have a great day everyone!! Thanks for stoping by.                                                                 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Wipe Holder

Had to show you the baby wipe box we deco'd out!! It was great fun. I found a pad of clear scrapbooking themed stickers. Once I cleaned off the label from the box, I had a clean slate to add the stickers. Now I cant lose it on my oh so mess work table.

Pet Card

Made with the  A Childs Year cart. Cut at 4 inches. 5x5 card.
Paper by K and co

Today I made a simple but meaningful personal card for a friend. His cat whom he loves more than anything is ill. Old age is catching up with dear old Pooka, a beautiful black cat. This is making my dear friend very sad. I want them both to know I'm thinking of them and wishing them well. Isn't that why we send personal cards and personal notes? We want the people we care about to know we understand and wish the very best outcome for them. That is why card making is such a joy for me. Its a way to express in a very short form, solidarity. Let it be either a happy birthday, welcome baby, or sympathy  card. No matter what the celebration or the trials, we stand with you. A card can remind a person in a small way they are not alone.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Werid or just me? True story, it happened to me

 Happy Monday!! I'm working on some cards and a mini album. Pics will be posted soon. I have to tell you a funny story from my adventure out yesterday. I decided I wanted a coke. I don't drink a lot of cokes so this in its self was weird. So I was making my way to Sonic for a coke. Then I decided I wanted the new chocolate turn over at Arbys, oh but they only sell Pepsi(yuck). I decided Id make two stops, one to Arbys then to Sonic. All will be good. Arbys was out of the turnover but they would be fresh baked in 18 minutes. Ok no problem I think. There is a Half Price Books there in the parking lot with the Arbys. So Ill go there look around and come back for the turnover. So now I've decided since I've gone to all the trouble for the turnover I should get two. Off to Half Price Books I go. I get a couple scrapbooking magazines. Good side trip. Now I'm back to the drive through at Arbys. Ill take two turnovers now. Oh sorry the guy says they are out. Oh I say they aren't ready yet? I'm the lady who was here 30 minutes ago and went to half price book, now I'm back for my turn over!!!. He says a lady came in and bought all they had just made. GRRRRRR. 20 minutes more a fresh batch will be out. I guess he heard the desperation in my voice. He then tells me if I will drive around he will sell me 2 frozen turnovers. I said excuse me? He whispers in the mouth piece of the intercom that they are easy for me to bake. This made perfect sense to me and I say ok then give me 3. He then ask if I want some extra to pipe on the top. I feel like I just scored some drugs and look around then say,Yes I want that too!!! I drive around to the window. He hands me some hand written baking directions and I slip him my money and I get a bag of frozen turnovers!! I wondered if it was his first time too? When I got home he had given me 4 but chagred me for 3. I think hes trying to get me hooked.

Weird or just me?

Friday, October 22, 2010

A hard week..

Sorry, there hasn't been a new card posted since Monday. We have had some family business to attend to and that has kept me very busy. I'm hoping to have pictures of a new mini I'm working on posted soon. I've added some more bling to my Cricut. I cant wait to show you that. Its crazy when life gets in the way of crafting. Just doesn't seem fair. Have a great weekend and check back Monday for some ramblings from this Texas craft room.

Until then enjoy some pictures of my grand daughter and I pumpkin hunting at the local market.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Card making with Kimmy

Kimmy glimmer misting her paper

Im holding the heat gun for her

She loved the cuddle bug. Embossing is her thing!!

She is tearing her paper just like the video she watched

 she added the string

The ATG was hard for her but she did it

Stamping her sentiment

Happy card maker!!

Today was  card making day with Kimmy.She is my granddaughter. She choose a card from Youtube ( made my Chris416Ward) Kimmy made her card with very little help from me. I did help her do the cutting and I held the heat gun. The rest was all her. I made a card too. Her card turned out beautiful!!! and she's only 4 years old. Can you tell which card the adult made and which one the 4 year old made?  lol me either. We had a great day together making cards and laughing. We are both very mess card makers. Our table is a mess!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Looks hard but oh so easy to make Card

Good afternoon Everyone!! I am posting a pic of a card I made this morning for my friend Evelyn. She has someone special in mind that she wants to give this card too. I hope Evelyn and her friend enjoy it. This card is so much fun to make.

I'm on my way across town to pick up my granddaughter for a few days. My daughter tells me they have made the decision to move back to Louisiana on Nov 1st. I am so sad to see them go. I will miss her and my granddaughter so very much!! Makes me want to follow them.

Have a great weekend everyone

Friday, October 15, 2010

Time to think Christmas cards?

Good Morning Everyone. Thank your for stopping by my blog. It is a beautiful day here in Texas. I have been working on some cards that I plan to send out Christmas. I saw a video over at CARDSTV that Mary did with a snow globe. Of course as always I never have the cart she used. However.. I did have a snow globe on the Joys of the Season cart. The snowman on JS cart was tall a thin not a cute fat snowman like Mary's. So I cut the tall snowman with my E and sniped his head off and used just the bottom half. He fit perfectly well in my snow globe. I did use acetate around the globe as Mary did. It does give it a glass globe appearance. I used stickles over the snowflakes. It doesn't show up well on the pictures but the snowflakes really sparkle great in person. The look on my snowmans face says, help I want out!!! The next one I make I will pen a different face on him. Still not sure if this is the card I will make for Christmas. As you can see I didn't even use a typical Christmas sentiment. It reads: How is everything in your Bowl : I will make a few more designs than decide.

I hope you are having a great day and have great plans for the weekend. My dear friend Richard is still in India. He is on a missions trip. His 3 weeks will be up next Saturday and he will be home. It will be good to have him safely back home. I have missed my Buddy. He tells me he has me a beautiful prayer shawl. I cant wait to see it. I will post pictures as soon as I get my hands on it.
Thanks again for stoping by

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cricut challenge

Ive entered my wall hanging in the cricut challenge at ,
Fantabulous Cricut: Challenge Me Monday .We needed to make a wall hanging using a cricut shape. I saw a wall hanging being made on youtube but didn't have the supplies she used. She bought some chipboard shapes. So I made my own shape's using my cricut. I cut the shape using heavy cardboard. I cut  the shape on page 62 in a 5 inch size. I used the Accent Essentials cartridge. The wonderful bonus was I able to used the inside shape that was left over. It makes a great mini-chipboard book. I also cut the designer paper from the design. The cutout paper fit perfectly over the chipboard cut outs. This project went together very quickly. It would make a great gift for a crafter's wall, I am making one for my granddaughter that says PRINCESS. There are a million sayings that would work. I strung it together with ribbon and used embellishments to decorate my wall hanging.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pet layout

Hello World!!! I have been working on a lay out for my babies. I had a collection of pictures of them that had a running theme.  I have no idea why I have taken so many pics when they weren't looking at me or their eyes were closed.  However all of those pics did make for a few cute pages. I used my E and my cricut pens to write out the messages. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bling for my E machine!!!!

Hello Tuesday!!! So glad you could stop by and see my blog. I have been working on a new card. It is a Thank You card for Deb. She is a fellow crafter from my Cricut Yahoo group who was nice enough to cut me a most wonderful Cricut head for my E machine. She made me 1 large head and 2 small ones. I'm so excited to place them on my other machines. Thank You Deb so very much! Here is the head I placed on my E machine. Dont you just love it! Check out Debs blog Bug Juiced by Debbie
Thank you all for your prayers for my son. God is working in my sons life. We are expecting great things in the future for him. I'm trying to remember that God's answers are wiser than our prayers. He listens even if we dont know what to pray any more.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pastor Thank You Card

Good Morning Everyone!! It is a beautiful day in Texas. I was hoping for some rain. The weather had other plans. I've had my air off this past week due to some mild days. It was so nice to have the windows open. However, yesterday it turned warm once again !!! So I was forced to shut up the windows and turn on the air. Darn, Im ready for fall weather.

We are having a Pastor appreciation day Sunday at church. This is the card I made for him. It is a simply fold card with a few embellishments. I hope he enjoys it. I placed a belly band with ribbon tie around it. Once its open it stands as a Zfold card. I used my cuttle bug to dry emboss behind the letters. Now I need to make an envelope for it. Then Im done!!
I ask that you continue to pray for my child. We are still in need of God's intervention. Thank you. Now go and enjoy your day and know that God is still in charge!!