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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New video--Pink and Green Mini

I love this new mini. The latest one I do is always my favorite. I hope you like it too.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3 new Cards

Hello everyone. I had a great day for the First day of business at the Button Stash. Thank you everyone who came by. I had added a few more cards. I should be done with a mini album today. I hope to have the finished product up today as well. Today I have 3 cards I've been working on. They were great fun to do. They are embellished with hand made felt flowers, and paper rose. The a stemmed rose I bought at Michael's on clearance. I have had it waiting for the right paper to use it with. I bought an old piano book at a thrift store a few weeks ago. I was hoping to use some of the old practice sheets for cards. When I saw the name of the song. I knew my wild rose had found a home. All three cards can be bought at the Button Stash.

Thanks for stopping by


Monday, February 21, 2011

Button Stash is OPEN

I'm excited to tell you that I have finally gotten my On-Line store open over on Art Fire. It has been a great amount of work.I am still not fully stocked.  I'm still have tons to photograph, label and list. The Button Stash is what I am calling my next adventure. I plan to make cards and card/mini kits to sell. I will also have doll clothes, buttons, and vintage sewing patterns. Here is a card I made from one of my Shabby Chic Kits. I only have one listed on my site today. I plan to list the others this week. It takes more time than I ever thought to decide what to list, photograph and then list. If you have time come by the Button Stash (http://www.artfire.com/users/buttonstash)  and see what I have.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

This card is for sale at the Button Stash  $4.50
This collection would make a great start on a mini.
It is for sale at the Button Stash $7.50

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life doesnt always go as planned

Some times life doesn't go as planned. Those who know me know I play domino's with a group from my church every Friday night. We play from 5:30pm to 2am. Tonight I was driving into the drive of my friends house when my car died. It would not restart. As inconvenient as it is to have a broken car. I am lucky my car died at 5:30pm and at my friends house instead of at 2am on my drive home alone. I am very thankful the Lord was watching out for me tonight. No matter how small a blessing is, its still a blessing. I received one tonight. I'm hoping for another one tomorrow when I see what's wrong with my lady bug.

Here is my Lady Bug. This pic was taken several years ago. About 2 years ago she got beautiful 6 inch black spots all over her. She is the talk of the neighbourhood.
I will take another pic of her with her black spots when she is home from the hospital!
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Over sized Tag Challenge

Here is my oversized tag for the Tag challenge over at Learn Love Cricut. It is a cricut group I am a member of over on Yahoo. Stephanie, here is her blog..( The Dragonfly Chronicles ) has a challenge going where you make a tag as large as your machine will make. You can decorate with any design as a long as it was made with your cricut. Here is what I made.

 My tag turned out to be 11.5 inches. I used the Sentimentals cart. 
Originally my Lady was at her typewriter. I cut that off and added a Cricut. The size may not be right on the Cricut. 
I had to make the Crciut Machine a bit bigger so I could fit the lettering and the Cricut head. This was the smallest lettering I had on hand. I cut the Cricut head from a cart box. I 
photographed  a couple cart boxes. I shrunk them as small as I could on my computer then printed them out.

This is my version of my trash can in my craft room. The wall stickers I added came in a sticker pack I found months ago in a thrift store. Orginally I had 5 small books of these stickers. Im down now to the last few. I used them to decorate my ATG and my baby wipes box ( there is a post of the decorated baby wipes box).

I had a hard time with this challenge because I have not gotten into Tag making yet. I couldn't figure out what to do with the Tag's once I made them. The large oversized Tag gave me  the opportunity to make it into a wall hanging for my craft room. I loved making this tag!! I know this wont be my last one. So now that I'm ok with the idea of  making Tags maybe I will make a few regular size Tags too. But first I plan to make 4 Tag's of the 4 seasons in the a super size. These I will display in my craft room.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day--A Mini Heart Photo Album

Its hard to tell in the pic but there is a envelope with a card inside to journal on the right side. A photo mat on the left.

I used the " I love you " hand here. I got some shrinky dink yesterday. I cant wait to play with it.

I like the black lace. I wasn't sure I would use it when I bought it.

Good Morning everyone. The sun is shinning here in Texas. We couldn't be happier. Yesterday is was 79 degrees. We had snow all last week. We are pleased to enjoy the sunshine today. We will see how long it last.
Yesterday, I made a small mini album. This one is in a heart shape and holds only 4 photos. I used some K and Co paper and some bling and embellishments I had on hand. I hope they have some embellishment on sale soon at Michael's or Joann's . My stash is running low! so is my budget. I've spent to much money at Sizzix lately.

I am about to open an online store. I hope to sell a few different things. Vintage buttons will be the main product I will have at The Button Stash on artfire.com. I also have a large amount of doll clothes and vintage sewing patterns  that will be offering. I hope to have it up and running my March 1st. I will be talking more about that in another post.

I happy with mini I completed yesterday. I will be donating this one to our Book Store at our church. My plan is to make 3 more before Mothers Day. Not sure I will complete them by May. There is so much on my plate these days. I'm happy to be busy and fruitful. There will be no complaints here.
Have a great day. I hope you are enjoying the wonderful weather we are today!!!

Check back in a few days I hope to have some of my button/flower kits ready for photos. This will be what I will be selling at the Button Stash.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Scraplifted Valentine Card

Here is the card I made today. I 100% scrap lifted this card from Everyday Cricut. Here is the link  (Everyday Cricutt) to Carries beautiful card. Hers is different for several reasons. She used Shrinky Dink to make her hand. SD gives it a wonderful porcelain quality. If I had some I would have used it. I did not, so it is now on my list to order. Also hers is a pin. I love this idea but mine being made from card stock, that just didn't work. She also used a cart I didn't have, Don Juan. I used the Sentimental cart. I just cut off the cuff but I think it would have worked if I had left it on. If I had made this card to or from a child I would have used A Childs Year cart. I cut my cartoche from the Sweethearts cart. I used a red heart bling I had in my stash. I left off the ribbon. I love her card but I am pleased with mine too. Thank you Carrie for sharing this idea with us. If you also made a card please share a pic.

Inside of the card

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthday Cards and Flip Calendar

Today I'm showing the cards I made and a pic of the calendar I've completed. The calendar was made with a recycled flip photo album. I'm downloading the video now. I should have it up by tonight. The cards are two versions of the same sentiment. Both were done with the Wild Card cart. I like this cart but some of the cards just  dont cut big enough.

Its freezing in Texas AGAIN. We have snow and very cold temps. I'm ready for spring and so it most of Texas!!

Have a great day. Thank you for stopping by. Come by later and see the video of the completed calendar.

On page 66 of the Wild Card. Cut at 5 inches. Stamp's are from Joanns.

Sorry about the blurr but wanted you to see the inside.

On page 35 of  Wild Card. Also cut at 5 inches. I added some black bling to the eyes and around the cut out.

Not sure you can see here on the photo but it has the greastest stitching
on the inside mat and on the bird on the out side of the card.

Here is a couple snap shots of the calendar. I should have the video up by tonight.
All paper to make the calendar was K and Co but the front page was not. I think it was colorbok

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Puzzle for my Grandaughter

Here is a quick video about the Valentine Puzzle card I made my granddaughter for Valentines. Its a cute idea, she will love it. The sizzix die's I got at Joanns or Michaels. Let me know if you make one. Id love to see what you made.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Video of the Card Swap we did in January

Im all tongue tied for some reason. I cant say the simplest thing on this video  lol I was trying to tell you if you were interested in a card swap. We are having one this month at Cricutscraplifters yahoo group. Go to Yahoo and select group and join our group for details.. Thanks for taking a look at my video. Our swap came out great. I hope you can join us for the next one.

Snow days make good card days.... sometimes

Hello Everyone!!!
Has everyone thawed out yet????
I have been so busy with all the snow we had. I was out of electricity and water for 2 days. I'm just now thawing out!!!! I'm so glad to see the snow gone! I did have some time to work on a few cards. I did a couple from a kit I bought from Michael's. It came with a ton of preprinted cut outs. They made some cute cards. A bit larger than I like to make they are 5x7. I also made a couple cards from a book I bought a few weeks ago. In the back of the book it has the papers she used to make her cards and other projects. The book is filled with some wonderful cards and project designs. I used the papers she used but my card is kinda washed out. I think I like a bit more contrast from the cut outs and the background paper. The book also has a few pages of glossy stickers. That is what I used in the squares on the two other cards I made. The book is called Savor This Moment by Karla Dornacher. I got it at Big Lots for $5.00. It came with about 20 8x11 card stock double sided paper. Some vellum pages of sentiments and 3 pages of large stickers and lots of ideas. Well worth the $5.00
This was part of a large sack of cut outs I bought at Michaels. I added the back ground paper. The Monkey and the sentiments were part of the grouping. One side of the cut outs were heavy glittered the other side was left blank. I used the glitter side for my cards.

Part of the Michaels cutouts.

This was made using the sticker  and paper from Savor the Moment book. I  used a small charm that says Thanks. I used some stock card stock I had.

Also here I used a sticker from the book. I added my own ribbon and sentiment.

This card was made with papers from the book also. I used a butterfily I got at Michaels. The  topary sticker was from the book.

The next one I  make I think I will use more contrasting color papers on the last two pages. I used a rubber stamp I had for the sentiment. I used Plantin School to cut the letters.