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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life doesnt always go as planned

Some times life doesn't go as planned. Those who know me know I play domino's with a group from my church every Friday night. We play from 5:30pm to 2am. Tonight I was driving into the drive of my friends house when my car died. It would not restart. As inconvenient as it is to have a broken car. I am lucky my car died at 5:30pm and at my friends house instead of at 2am on my drive home alone. I am very thankful the Lord was watching out for me tonight. No matter how small a blessing is, its still a blessing. I received one tonight. I'm hoping for another one tomorrow when I see what's wrong with my lady bug.

Here is my Lady Bug. This pic was taken several years ago. About 2 years ago she got beautiful 6 inch black spots all over her. She is the talk of the neighbourhood.
I will take another pic of her with her black spots when she is home from the hospital!
Have a great weekend!!

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