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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow days make good card days.... sometimes

Hello Everyone!!!
Has everyone thawed out yet????
I have been so busy with all the snow we had. I was out of electricity and water for 2 days. I'm just now thawing out!!!! I'm so glad to see the snow gone! I did have some time to work on a few cards. I did a couple from a kit I bought from Michael's. It came with a ton of preprinted cut outs. They made some cute cards. A bit larger than I like to make they are 5x7. I also made a couple cards from a book I bought a few weeks ago. In the back of the book it has the papers she used to make her cards and other projects. The book is filled with some wonderful cards and project designs. I used the papers she used but my card is kinda washed out. I think I like a bit more contrast from the cut outs and the background paper. The book also has a few pages of glossy stickers. That is what I used in the squares on the two other cards I made. The book is called Savor This Moment by Karla Dornacher. I got it at Big Lots for $5.00. It came with about 20 8x11 card stock double sided paper. Some vellum pages of sentiments and 3 pages of large stickers and lots of ideas. Well worth the $5.00
This was part of a large sack of cut outs I bought at Michaels. I added the back ground paper. The Monkey and the sentiments were part of the grouping. One side of the cut outs were heavy glittered the other side was left blank. I used the glitter side for my cards.

Part of the Michaels cutouts.

This was made using the sticker  and paper from Savor the Moment book. I  used a small charm that says Thanks. I used some stock card stock I had.

Also here I used a sticker from the book. I added my own ribbon and sentiment.

This card was made with papers from the book also. I used a butterfily I got at Michaels. The  topary sticker was from the book.

The next one I  make I think I will use more contrasting color papers on the last two pages. I used a rubber stamp I had for the sentiment. I used Plantin School to cut the letters.

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