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Friday, April 29, 2011

Paper Napkin Swap Notice

I have mailed out the paper napkin swap notice. We have 7 people who want to swap. If you want to be in that group but didnt get an email please contact me. The napkins are due to me by  May 14th.
Thanks so much

Monday, April 25, 2011

Info about the Napkin Swap

I have had several people interested in the paper napkin swap. If you are interested please email me so I can have your email adresss. I will  email you the address to mail your napkins too.

Here is how it will work. This is the same method we use for our card swap. It works well so I think I will adopted for our napkin swap.
I think with 6 people we can have a good swap. You send in 6 of one napkin and 6 of another napkin you will get 12 different ones back. Everyone includes a self address stamped envelope for their return napkins. What ever the cost for you to send in your napkins, that's the postage on your self address envelope. I will swap all the napkins and get them back in the mail to you. The napkins can be any design and size of your choice.

The first swap will be due to me by May 10th.

Lets swap!!!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paper Napkin and Cling Wrap Card Video

Today I got the video done for the paper napkin card I did in my last post.
If you interested in a napkin swap please let me know.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Napkin swap, anyone?

Happy Friday Everyone. Hallelujah, he has risen!

Today I have finished up my Mother's Day cards for my church book store. I scrap lifted one card from our card swap group. I love the MOM card with the flower in the center. So I had to make a few.

 I made a few of these cards with Napkins and Cling Wrap. It was a fun process. I plan to do a video on how it was done. The napkins look like fabric on the card when your done. A napkin swap would be fun. You could send in 12 ,-6 of two different kinds of napkins and get back 12 different napkins. I bought several package's of 16 for 1.99 at Tuesday Morning. It would be a great way to stock up on terrific napkins. If anyone is interested in a napkin swap, Please let me know.

Have a great day!

ScrapLifted!!!! I loved this card. I received one in our swap last month and had to copy it.

This is my favorite card. It is also the card MY mother will be receiving this year. Its ok she doesnt read my blog, so she wont know! The paper is from the Botanical Stack. I love this whole collection of paper.

This card was made with a paper napkin and cling wrap! The flower looks like fabric on the card. I love this technic. I will be doing a video on this card. I plan to post by Sunday.

This card was also done with the paper napkin and cling wrap. I stamped an allover  word stamp over the napkin. The boy silhouette is something Ive had a very long time. Maybe 10 years. The stamp is from my stash of stamps

This is also a paper napkin and cling wrap.  I used spray glitter. Thats the white specks you see in the picture.. The birds look hand painted on the card stock.  I tore the napkin around the edges before I glued it down. The napkin  looks so delicate.

This is DP from The Botanical Stack. I made this for a freind to give to her daughter. On the inside ( sorry I didnt take a pic) It says Your the best Mom. I just love that. What a wonderful thing to have your mother say about you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I have exciting news!!

I just learned that two of my cards were chosen to be in The Bug Magazine! I wish I could show you a picture of the two cards I made but I can not. They have ask us not to post our cards until the magazine comes out in July. But trust me the second it is published I will be posting. My cards will be in two sections of the magazine. One will be in the Americana section and one in the Support The Troops section.
This is my first time to be published, so I'm very excited.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Video: Paris Inspired card for the May card swap

Glad you stopped by my blog today. I made a video showing you how I made my Paris inspired card. I saw a Gift bag in a magazine that used a die cut dress form. I wanted to make an art card like the gift bag. But didn't have a die cut of a dress form. So I made my own dress form out of a circle and some fountain pen cuts from the Sentimental cart. I had to make the card video in 2 parts. So I hope you can watch part one and part two. Please let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Video of our April Card Swap

Im so glad you joined me today. Im excited about showing off all the wonderful cards I received
 in our April card swap. If you look at the post I made on April 1st you can see the cards I did for this card swap too. Enjoy the great cards and come swap with us.
May God Bless you

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LIVE the Grace God Gives Us Each Day

Hello Everyone

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have been working on a few things. Some of them I can show you and some I have to wait to show you.

Today I covered a letter/word display. It made a wonderful addition for my craft room. I plan to be moving in July and my plans are to get a bigger better craft room. That way I can display some of my crafts. Its hard to spend so much time on something then have no place to display it. So I end up putting  it in a box and forget about it. Hopefully my new home will have a bigger craft space for me. For now I'm in a 10x10 room and I am spilling out into the hall way.
Now on to the project. I had this letter/ word display for a long time. It was painted black. For some time now I wanted to change the color. The word LIVE and the black just wasn't working for me. I guess with Spring in the air and hopefulness that a spring breeze brings in. I wanted to change the color of my word display. I thought about just spray painting it green ( my favorite color). But for some reason that just wasn't enough. So I decided to decoupage the letters with  old book pages That I  had bought at a thrift store. Then I used a few felt flowers I made. I also had some spiritual stickers that I loved, so I added them. It was very simple to do and a lot of fun. I love the way it turned out. It will find a place on a shelf in my craft room. I'm hoping it will remind me to live my faith everyday. Someday's I feel like I'm not living up to the wonderful grace Gods gives me each day.

So look around you may have an old piece of art work that you can make your own. If you do please share it with me. Id love to see what you create too.

God Bless you

This is what I started with.

I tore the book pages in to small sizes and glued them to the base in random order.

Dont forget the back too.

All covered. Now check for small spaces left uncovered.

Close up view of the torn paper. You dont have to use book pages. You can use any decortive paper you like. I just like the printed word.

All done! Close up view. When coverd just decorate with whatever you like. I used some stickers, metal butterfly, and felt roses.

Friday, April 1, 2011

My cards for the Card Swap

Here are the two cards I did for the swap over at Cricutscraplifter yahoo group. I love this swap and try to do it each month. The ladies do a great job and working with Katherine is a  breeze.  

Challenge over at Getting Cricky with K Andrews

K Andrews is having a card challenge over on her blog. It all has to do with a bird card. You can make any card you like as long as it has a bird theme. I'm going to enter a few of my  favorite cards. Go over to her blog and enter your cards too.
``Getting Cricky with K Andrew``: Simply Sunday Challenge: For the Birds...His Eye is on the Sparrow