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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Video of our April Card Swap

Im so glad you joined me today. Im excited about showing off all the wonderful cards I received
 in our April card swap. If you look at the post I made on April 1st you can see the cards I did for this card swap too. Enjoy the great cards and come swap with us.
May God Bless you


  1. Hi Terri,

    I made the owl card and the sympathy card. This was my first swap and I didn't read the fine print, so I didn't include the cartridge I used and my initials....

    The owl came from Cindy Loo. I love the owl too. This cartridge is sooo cute!

    Felicia Ragsdale

  2. I have that Cindy Loo Cart and never knew that owl was on there. Thank you so much

  3. You guys do a great job on the cards. loved every one of them!


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