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Saturday, May 28, 2011

So many napkins so little time...

Here is a few cards I have made this week with paper napkins and cling wrap. I have  really enjoyed this medium. I made a few more cards but  cant show you them just yet. They are for a magazine submission and they ask us not to publish them on our blogs. After they are published I can show you what I made.

I have been working on my colored pencil shading. I am not having that much success. I think I will need to take a class on shading.I plan to make a video this weekend showing my progress or lack of it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you make a few cards and show me what you have made with your napkins. I now have a whole collection of about 20-25 napkins!! So many napkins so little time lol
Happy Crafting

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Card made with Tissue Paper and Cling Wrap

Here is the video on how I made the Mr and Mrs card that was on my Sunday  blog post. I used tissue paper and cling wrap. It made a wonderful card. This technique gives you a very smooth paper effect. I really enjoyed making this card using the tissue paper. I will be doing this technique again! I hope you will too.
Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This weeks cards

Happy Sunday Everyone
Today has been a fantastic day here in Ft Worth. The weather was wonderful. The church service was very good. I had a fabulous lunch date and I got a nap in!!! Life is good for this simple girl here in Ft Worth.

Here are the cards I made this week. I took a total of 14 cards to the church book store this week. I was happy to see all my Mother day cards were sold! I hope that happens to my grad cards. I only made one grad design but I made several. I made a handful of thank you, birthday, wedding and baby cards. I need to start on Fathers Day before that day comes and catches me for a surprise.

I have been trying to get a video done this weekend.The video will be on the MR and MRS card pictured below. I will show you how I made it and what its made of. AND no its not a napkin!! lol. Check back Monday and I hope the video is up. We will see how youtube does tonight :)

Here are some of the cards from this past week.

Thanks for stopping by my blog

I have no idea why this is so blurry. It doesn't seem blurry in the directory. I cant reshoot, the card has already been delivered. Sorry!

Made with a napkin and a ribbon. I added a simple stamp

Im working on my shading.

Made with a napkin. This will be my Thank You card for the ladies that did my napkin swap.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stain Glass card

Here is the stain glass window card I made this week.  I used a cut from Stretch Your Imagination cart and vellum.  After all the pics there is a video on how I made the cards. Have a great day!!

I used vellum for this sweet card

I used vellum. I ran some of the vellum in my cuddle bug. Added some bling

Recycled card. I used the same method I used to make the other cards.

Napkin Swap

I have received enough Napkins in the mail to do the first round of swaps. Thanks you so much for participating in our first Napkin Swap.
I have already decided on a few cards I want to make with mine. Id love to see the cards you decided to make also.

First round of swaps are:
I am expecting more napkins in. I will do another round of swaps with them.
One of you nice ladies sent in the same napkin as I was going to swap (the one in the video). So I get to go pick out another napkin to swap. Just another excuse to run to Tuesday Morning!!! Ill take an excuse I have to stop by there.
Thank you again. This has been so much fun for me!


May card swap

Here is the video for our card swap we did in May. The swap turned out so wonderful. I loved each and every card. Thanks ladies. I'm looking forward to the next one.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Simple Pencil

Simple Pencil
This is a new segment I'm adding to my blog. It simply is where I am video taping my progress or lack of progress, in learning how to shade with colored pencils. I'm using a simple stamp, colored pencils, Gamsol (mineral spirits) and a paper stump. I hope to make one new video each week of me learning to shade and color in stamps images. I have wanted to learn for awhile and I just got the nerve to see if I can do it.

Here is a card I did today after I made the video on the Simple Pencil idea. It turned out ok. It is much easier to shade than the bird stamp I did in the video. I'm still working on a good blended  coloring of the bird stamp. When I do I will share a card I plan to make with the shaded bird. There are no classes in my area. So I'm watching youtube and practicing. If I learn to shade with the pencils maybe I will entertain the idea of paying $7 for a Copic marker lol I doubt it!

So come learn with me. If you know of a good video on Youtube I need to watch please share that link with me. I've been watching tecat7175 and she is great.

I'm excited to use all the stamps I have been buying (without the knowledge of what to do with them) for so long. It just adds that personal touch to a card that a die cut just doesn't.
Have a great week

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pay It Forward.. what a wonderful idea

Pay It Forward. How it works....
I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who comment on this post. However, there is a catch, you must repost this, offering something handmade to 5 other people. The rules state that it MUST be something handmade or homemade by YOU and must be sent to 5 other people during 2011.

Sorry this  exercise is closed. I already have my five people. Thank you.
Please continue to Pay it Forward.
God Bless

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Rainy Monday

Hello Everyone
I hope where ever you live you got some of this wonderful rain we got last night.We ordered just rain no storms.  Here in Texas we needed the rain. I have been finishing up some Mother Day cards and some Graduation cards too. This Mothers Day card im showing here was my first attempt at shading with color pencils. I watched a video on Youtube by tecat7175. She did a great job sharing how she colors her stamp images. I still need alot of practice and better pencils but I will get there. Thanks Cat for sharing!!

I have almost completed a stain glass card. When I get it all done I will do a video and show you how it was done. Its a very easy process, done with colored vellum and a die cut from a cricut cart.

Have a great week. This will be a very busy week for me. To much going on and little time to play in my craft room! but I will be back before the end of the week with my stain glass video.

Remember if your interested in the paper napkin swap, they are due to me by May 14th

A Mothers Day card for a very important person in my life. His mother loves purple. I hope she loves this card too.

My first attempt at shading.

Grad card for my freind's son-in-law that got his MBA from Standford. You cant tell in the pic but the red paper is embossed.

Inside of the card