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Sunday, May 15, 2011

This weeks cards

Happy Sunday Everyone
Today has been a fantastic day here in Ft Worth. The weather was wonderful. The church service was very good. I had a fabulous lunch date and I got a nap in!!! Life is good for this simple girl here in Ft Worth.

Here are the cards I made this week. I took a total of 14 cards to the church book store this week. I was happy to see all my Mother day cards were sold! I hope that happens to my grad cards. I only made one grad design but I made several. I made a handful of thank you, birthday, wedding and baby cards. I need to start on Fathers Day before that day comes and catches me for a surprise.

I have been trying to get a video done this weekend.The video will be on the MR and MRS card pictured below. I will show you how I made it and what its made of. AND no its not a napkin!! lol. Check back Monday and I hope the video is up. We will see how youtube does tonight :)

Here are some of the cards from this past week.

Thanks for stopping by my blog

I have no idea why this is so blurry. It doesn't seem blurry in the directory. I cant reshoot, the card has already been delivered. Sorry!

Made with a napkin and a ribbon. I added a simple stamp

Im working on my shading.

Made with a napkin. This will be my Thank You card for the ladies that did my napkin swap.

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