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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Napkin Swap

I have received enough Napkins in the mail to do the first round of swaps. Thanks you so much for participating in our first Napkin Swap.
I have already decided on a few cards I want to make with mine. Id love to see the cards you decided to make also.

First round of swaps are:
I am expecting more napkins in. I will do another round of swaps with them.
One of you nice ladies sent in the same napkin as I was going to swap (the one in the video). So I get to go pick out another napkin to swap. Just another excuse to run to Tuesday Morning!!! Ill take an excuse I have to stop by there.
Thank you again. This has been so much fun for me!



  1. Terrii
    I just watched your video on these napkin cards. Next time you do a napkin swap, let me know please. Id be interested
    Burffrau @ aol dot com

  2. Terri,
    I got my napkins today and oh my I love them all! This was so much fun. I am planning on attempting to make them the way you did, wish me luck:) I am going to do a youtube video on our swap probably tomorrow if I find the time, if not, definitely over the weekend. Check out my channel Scrapaholichere and thank you again Terri for putting this together, I loved it and so can't wait to start making cards with these napkins, they are all awesome!

  3. Lore
    Im Glad you liked the napkins you got.Im looking forward to seeing your video and what you create.


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