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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rose Cross Stitch Wall Art

Hello Everyone! Today I don't have a card for you.  However I do have a decorating project for you.

I moved last fall and I have been busy decorating each room in my house. I left the kitchen and the adjoining closed in porch ( also known as the library) until last. In a perfect world I would redo the whole kitchen. Id start with the black counter tops and end with the uneven floor. But I do lease, so no major work for me. So I did what everyone in my spot does.. I repainted.

The kitchen was a deep maroon. Way to dark for my taste. So the walls were painted a light green. I am happy with the green paint. It goes well with my collection of green plates. Then I found some blue fabric from Waverly with some pink roses on it. It goes every well with the green paint. I'll show you a pic of the fabric in this post. I'm still working on the curtains tho. In another post I will show you my 1940's guess room, that I just finished before this project.

OK on to how and why I painted this rose on my kitchen wall.
Last year I saw a book printed in The Netherlands by Eline Pellinlhof . I first posted about her new book  last year on my blog here http://ramblingsofatexascraftroom.blogspot.com/2011/03/perfect-tag-display.html .
Here is the original blog from the Netherlands here  http://bloesem.blogs.com/bloesem/2011/03/lets-get-personal-in-the-netherlands-with-eline-pellinkhof.html#more

In the blog  they show a cross stitch pattern she painted on the wall. Oh I loved it!!! So I tried to order the book but couldn't. The book was only printed in Dutch.... no english version. Until now!! her book has been released in english. You can order it from Amazon.com  I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book and make this wall art.

To my surprise the english verison doesn't say a single world about her cross stitch art. Oh my disappointment.  Well, time for me to figure it out myself. And so I did!!! it wasn't hard at all and I love love love  the results. Just so mad at myself that I waited two years to do this.
Here is her book in English

Here is the only picture  and the only reference of the cross stitch wall art from her book. it is on the inside flap . All that is there is a small section of the wall painted in Xes. No other reference to this at all in this book.  No words just these Xes.
I was very surprised and very disappointed.

I working on a couple things from her book. I'm in the middle of making the birds that will hang on a  branch in my craft room. I also love her tag display. I bought a tray and I'm working on making some tags for it. I will post both of those projects as soon as I'm done.

 here is what I made and  a tutorial on how I did it.

First I took a level and marked my first line.
Then I took blue tape and used that as my guide. I took a pencil and maked my lines . First I went horizontal. I made my with the same as the tape. It was easier that way.
Then I went vertical. Now I have my grid done
Now I gather my paints. I used regular craft paints.
Light, med and dark pink
Light, med and dark grey
and marron
I used blue tape to hold my line. Then I did just like you do in cross stictching. I made Xes with my paint in the coordinating  boxes.
I left off the two rose buds on the top becasue I didnt have that much room. I started in the middle roll of the rose and worked up. Then  from the middle down. It took me a few hours to place my grid. Then a couple of hours to paint in my Xes.
First line in the middle of the pattern
Progress!!! I think I can see a rose.
Can you?
All done. This is the same wall. For some reason the  color just looks different in this pic. But it is the same green wall. That plug drives me crazy. Who puts a plug in the middle of a wall, that high up??????
I love the end results!!

Now im trying to finish  the wall.
Here I add back the green plate display I have. Not sure how I like that. Maybe Id like it better if the plates had roses.
Here I have a display Im working on , on another wall in the kitchen. So I try to move thoses plates over and see if I like  the rose plates better.
If I use the rose plates it will look very shabby chic.
Not sure what I will do.
Here is the fabric for the curtains. My cabinets are white and the countrier tops are black.
Thanks for stopping by! Let me know of you try this. In her book she also has a butterfly that I might attempt.

Happy Crafting in 2012


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cheery Up Card

Hello Card Markers!!!!
I'm so happy you stopped by. First let me say I'm sorry I haven't posted  in awhile. Life just keep getting in the way!

Today I have a tissue and cling wrap card! If you have followed my blog than you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE this technique, Its so simple and turns out great.

 Here is the card I made today for the
http://www.cardadayblog.blogspot. . I am excited to be the designer for that clog today. Be sure and stop by CAD blog , we have a new card 365 days a year posted there.

 If you came from that blog to see how to make designer paper with tissue paper and cling wrap !!!!  You are in the right place and Thank you!!.

I made this video last year. It will explain the simple process of how to use tissue paper and cling wrap.

This video also shows you how you can use a napkin and cling wrap  to make cards

To make the Cheery Up card. I used some Mary Engelbreit tissue paper I found at Tuesday Morning. The spellbinders  die was the largest of the set of the Lattice Rectangle die.
I used a $1.00 alphabet stamp set I got at Walmart to write out my Cheery Up. I hand cut the cheery stem for the inside after I used the cling wrap to glue it to some card stock.

I hope you have fun making your napkin and tissue paper cards. I love the texture this medium gives the card.
I'm sorry but there is no napkin swap going on at this moment.
Thank you for stopping by
Happy Crafting in 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Accordion Card with die cuts

Welcome Card Markers. If you stopped by from the CAD blog where I am the designer today. Thank you so much!!!

Today I have made an accordion card. I cant seem to stop making them!!!! I just love how easy they are to make but also they look so Impressive!!! You have to love that!

Here is the video showing you how to make your own Accordion card. Then grab whatever die cuts you like and make a card to send to someone special.
Happy Crafting in 2012