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Saturday, March 31, 2012

MiX Media Canvas ( Art Girl)

Happy Sunday Everyone!
  Those you know me know that I want to play with Mixed Media Art sooooo bad. Problem is I don't have any talent in this field! Oh well, that has never stopped me before. I went ahead and did a mix media canvas after I watched a Ustream with ArteDar. I just love her art work. She can do anything. You can watch her
Ustream here http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/21018478. She worked on the canvas but never finished it during that ustream.  Check out ArteDar 's blog  http://artedar.blogspot.com/ . She posted a pic of her finished canvas there. It is beautiful. You can see what I was using as my inspiration. I love mine even tho it looks nothing like the original. This is the first time I tried to draw an art doll. I think with some practice I could do another one.
I hope you enjoy my attempt at Mixed Media Art. .

Thanks for a stopping by
Happy Crafting in 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bird House Card

In my last video where I made the Little Lady Dress  card from Simply Cards and Papercraft magazine. I showed a card from that magazine that I just loved. Today I am showing you my version of that card. The original card can be found on page 12.

The card was made with the free set of stamps and the paper's that are included with the magazine. I colored the stamps with some colored pencils. It was easy and so much fun. I love the way the card turned out. Hope you enjoy it too

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Happy Crafting in 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scrap booking and Emotions

"Way Kool" is the title that's cut off in the picture
So this afternoon I decided I should get some scrapbooking done. Its been awhile since I worked on the stack of pictures that sit in a pretty box on my table.

Here is the four  pages I got completed today. I have a couple more in progress. I hope to post them by the weeks end.

Let me say, I love to scrapbook!  Half way through the first page I was wondering.... If I loved doing so much, why did I stop scrap booking and mainly just make cards?  Very Good Question!

By the time I had my daughter/ hubby's page done. I thought maybe I might have a clue as to why I don't do as many pages as I used to. Then when I worked on my daughter/my mothers page. I thought I had sort of figured it out. By the time I was half done with my granddaughters/her cousins page, I was 100% sure why I stopped scrap booking.

Scrap booking makes me sad. The pictures of all the ones I love and miss make me sad. I miss my daughter and granddaughter so much. They live an 8 hours drive away. I miss my mother. She is 72 and frail.  She lives a 3 hour drive away. I never get to share in their daily lives. I think that is why one day I made a beautiful box and placed the pictures inside. I just stopped opening the box. Then with all the pictures my daughter sends me through out the year. Like all  the missed birthday parties, the first day of school and the random  pictures of their daily life's. Those pictures were all enjoyed in the moment then stored on my computer. I decided, I like happy card making better than sad scrap booking.
  When I did the final page of the day. The page of my son Jason. It didn't make me sad. Because he was sitting on the sofa watching my TV in my living room. I wasn't missing him. So I'm sure I can share scrap booking with strangers and not be sad. So not ALL scrap booking makes me sad....that's good to know.
  But how do I complete my own scrap booking and not be sad? I have tons of pics of happier times in my life but those people are no longer a part of my life. How do I scrap book those memories without being sad?  How do I scrap book the parts of my kids lives I miss out on and not be sad? Am I the only one this happens to? Does scrap booking bring out emotions in you? Does it change your mood? Can you scrap book unhappy times or do you just scrap the happy ones?
Card making is so much simpler  :)
Thanks for stopping by today
Happy Crafting in 2012

Im excited to announce...

I have been offered a job at Joann's Fabrics to teach their Cricut classes. I am so excited and a bit scared. I have never taught a class before nor have I taken any. I haven't even been to a crop. Unless my videos on my blog count as teaching. So this will be all new to me. I'm excited to share my love of Scrapbooking and Card making with others. I haven't even made a class project yet. I hope to get something in the works this week. I'm sure I will share whatever it is that I come up with here on my blog.
   I think for the first class we are doing a "Get to know your Cricut Expression 1 and 2" segment , along with a completed simple scrapbook page and a card. That should take up 3 hours.... at least I hope so  :)

So if your in the Ft Worth Area come on over and lets play with our Cricuts together at Joann's.

I'm excited about this new adventure
Happy Crafting in 2012 indeed!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Update on my Room Decor

Now that I have lived in my new room for a couple weeks. I wanted to make a small change. I saw on Pinterest  ( but didnt Pin it, I hate that! ) a blog about taking a picture frame and making it a memo type board for antique post cards.  Oh I thought I have lots of old Post Cards and no way to display them. So I looked around my newly decorated room and didn't see any open space to add new decor! So something had to go. I decided I could live without the canvas I bought at Big Lots and took it down. Then went on search of a 16x20  frame. I found one in my price range. I budgeted $15.00 for the frame. I found a great one with a mirror for only $10.00. I loved the style of the frame and the color and the size was prefect. So I got it home and took the mirror out. I bet I used that mirror some other place.  I replaced it with 2 strips of wire across the back of the frame. Then added my old post cards with miniature clothes pins. I instantly feel in love with it. It looks so much more personalized that the the canvas that was hanging in its place. I also added an old clock I found at Goodwill. I'm sure my canvas will find another home in some other room in my house.



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Happy Crafting in 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Brass Bed Pin Cushion

 I bought this brass bed at a Flea Market this past weekend. I gave $2.00 for it. I couldn't wait to get home and take it a part and recover it. As soon as I saw it , I knew I wanted to make a Pin Cushion out of it. I did get a surprise though. When I took the top off (the part where the flowers were stuck in) I discovered my Brass bed was a music box. I didn't need or really want a music box pin cushion. However I left all the components in tack in case I change my mind later. When you pull out the drawer the music box apparently would play. Since the batteries were in place but not working I assumed IF I replaced the batteries it would work. A guess the theme was a "bed of roses" by whoever made this originally.
 The little bear was very dirty and the roses were gross. I was going to just throw him away with the roses. But once I got him off the bed and I hand washed him. He was so cute! All of his limbs move and he had such a cute look on his face. He was too adorable to do away with. So I took off his bow and added him back to his pillow, once the bed and pillow where recovered.
 The brass bed is app. 4x6 inches and  stands 4 inches tall. It is made from heavy gauge metal. I have no idea if it is real brass. I was a going to spray paint it gold. But when I got it cleaned up I liked the brass patina. So I left the color alone.
 Here is what I did to My Bear and  his bed
 I had some teal wool and matching lining. I know it looks blue in the pic but its more green than blue. I took this material from an old wool jacket I bought awhile ago. Once I washed the wool, it was  prefect for this project. The matching lining was such a bonus.
 I covered the "mattress/ box springs" part with the lining material. I layered about 8 layers of wool on top of the "mattress" and then covered it in the final layer of wool.
 It works so well as a pin cushion. The bed is heavy enough not to move when I am reaching for a pin. The wool makes a great place to stick the pins. I recovered the pillow with the lining material also.
I think the  bear is happy to have come to live in my craft room. I think his is smiling now.  I think we need to name him.
hmm any suggestions?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little Lady Dress Card

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to my blog. I made a video this morning where I put a card together that I saw in a magazine. I hope you enjoy making this cute card.
Thank you so much for watching my video and stopping by my blog.
Happy Crafting in 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rubber Duckie Rag Quilt

Who doesn't love a baby blanket? Today I want to share with you a Rag quilt baby blanket I made. This baby blanket  for my daughters best friend Melissa (she's my friend too and we love her). She is having a baby boy. We're so excited for her.
  She loves loves loves yellow rubber duckies. I was so happy to finally find this rubber duck cotton material. I searched high and low but found this fabric at Hobby Lobby. The yellow material is plain-o  flannel. A Rag Quilt is so easy and fast to make. I know it seems like a lot of steps but it goes very fast. I worked on this blanket 2 evening.
 There are a ton of pictures here but I was trying to take a pic at each step. Some of the pics have bad lighting ( sorry about that). If you have any questions about making rag quilts please send me an email to Sugarlite02@aol.com. I am not an expert Rag Quilt maker but I have made about 20 using this method.

I cut 4 panels of  6 inch strips from the pattern fabric and  8 panels of 6 inch  strips of the yellow flannel. I think I used about 1 yard of the duck cotton fabric and 2 yards of the flannel.  Of course I didnt write it down so Im not 100% sure.

Then I cut the strips into 6 inch squares
I then match one pattern fabric square to a flannel square. The remaining flannel squares will be matched together
I chain stitch a "X" across the 6 inch square. This will hold the 2 pieces together. You can also add batting between the squares if you like. Since this will be used as a summer blanket I didnt add the extra batting.
Now you have a stack of 6 inch squares
I divided up the squares. One pile is of the duck pattern with flannel square and the other is the flannel on flannel squares.

Now its time to make our rolls. I alternated from a pattern/flannel square to a flannel/flannel square. With wrong side together I stitched the squares together. I used 1/2 inch seem allowance

I have 6 of the 6inch squares together to make a roll. I will need 8 of these rolls to make the baby blanket

Now sew all the strips together

This is what you get
We worked hard.. lets have pie!!!! before we get to the next step
I cut 4 strips at 6 inch wide for the binding of my blanket. I doubled the 6 inches making a 3 inch strip.

At the end  of the strip I ran a seam across the top and at the end of the strip. Then turned it inside right and added it to my blanket. This is the only time the seam allowance is on the inside..all others are on the outside.

This is what it looks like attached to the blanket. Remember the seam allowance in this quilt is on the right side of the blanket..not inside like a regular quilt.

This is what the back of the blanket looks like with the binding added

This is the blanket before i start cutting all the seem allowances in small fringes

A close up of the squares with binding attached, This is the top of the blanket.

the back of the blanket.

Now its time to fringe all the seams. This takes the longest.  Take your time and do small cuts make sure you don't go through the stitches. If you do when you wash the blanket it will come unraveled.

Now its time to wash wash wash the blanket. That way it will fray the seam allowances and become very soft.
I will wash it 3 times then dry it. If there are any loose threads I will cut them at this time. The blanket should now be very soft.
                                              While we are waiting .. lets have some cake!!!!

The blanket will  "shed" You will need to pick all the fuzz off and cut any threads left behind. This is time consuming but a necessary thing.

Once you have washed the blanket a few times. This is how it will look. The seam allowances have all frayed and have become soft.
This is not a step by step guide. I just gave you the basics of a rag quilt. If you want to make one for yourself and I can be of any help. Please email me
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting in 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My new Bedroom by the way of Paris

I have finally finished decorating my bedroom. I have done the room in a Paris Flea Market theme. What is that you may ask? It is simply where I get to use a lot of vintage things with flower prints. There is a  mixture of everything you would find for sale in a Paris Flea Market. I love the way it turned out. Here are a lot of pics of my room. I don't take great pics, sorry about that. I just have a very simple camera for this. I think the room looks better in person than it photographs here. I hope you enjoy a look into at my room.

I got this bed about 4 years ago at an antique store in Ft Worth. I loved the foot board. This is the only Oak furniture I have ever loved and wanted to own. It is a reproduction  bed about 20 years old. It is a queen size with wooded rails.

I already owned these pictures you see here. I bought the window frame at an antique store in Ft Worth last weekend just for this room. I bought the coverlet and the pillows at a local store. I changed the lamp shade to a maroon one. I made the wreath.

This is the first table I sanded, painted and glazed for my new room. The bed ruffle is a silk material in a greyish brown. it looks very shiny in the pictures but is not that way in person. I love the maroon and brown colors. Thoses colors blends to the vinatge things in this room.

I bought these two large prints at a Thrift shop for $5.00 each. I loved the frames and decided to use them in this room. Even though they had lots of  blue instead of maroon in them.

I got this lamp at a small antique store in Louisiana. I paid $10.00. It is all metal including the shade. I removed the large metal Eagle that was on top of the shade. It is very early American but it fits in well with my
eclectic  look. Right???? LOL
Sometimes you just use what you love and it  somehow works out!

This is a carved wooden piece I've had for many years. It is hung above my closet door.
This is my purse collection. Ive had these purses for over 20 years. They are beaded, leather and one is fabric with metallic thread.   Click the pictures to enlarge for a better look.

I got the lamp a few years ago from Cracker Barrel. I am the only one in my family that even likes this lamp. The canvas came from Big Lots last year. The mirror and brush are silver.  Ive had for over 20 years.
I made these curtains from fabric I found for $3.00 a yard. I loved the Vintage roses. I added a band to the bottom of each panel.I used 10 yards of roses fabric for this room. i used a set of queen size sheets for the band on the curtains, the chair and the pillow. I have a small amount of that fabric left. I added some tassel trim to the shades. I loved the vintage look of the shades.

The bird cage came from Tuesday Morning, a few weeks ago. It was a great $20.00 find.

I sanded and painted the table white. I then glazed it in a brown glaze. I recovered the chair in a sheet I found that matched my curtain fabric.

A before picture  of my old chair. I got this chair when my daughter was a baby she is now 24. It has been in storage for many years. My daughters favorite chair!

This is my hand mirror collection. Ive had these mirrors for over 20 years.
I made this small Paris  pillow ( the others I bought). I also made the foam stamp that I stamped the pillow with. You can see how I made it here  http://ramblingsofatexascraftroom.blogspot.com/2012/03/paris-pillow.html
The band I added to the curtains. The band was added so I could hang the curtains all the way to the ceiling,  This is a close up picture of the table to show you the glazing.

The Subway Art Canvas came from a local store. Another $10.00 find!
I made the Stack of Letters box.  you can see how  i did that here   http://ramblingsofatexascraftroom.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-keepsake-box.html   I also altered  the small jewelry box here    http://ramblingsofatexascraftroom.blogspot.com/2011/12/altered-jewerly-box.html  
This  is my standing jewelry box. Sitting on top is an old case from the 50's. I keep my Bible, my Kindle  and my reading glasses in it. Above that is a very old mirror I've had for 30 years. On the very top is my collection of custom jewelry. Click the picture for a closer look. 

I hope you enjoyed my new room. I so love my new space. Now on to my Library. I haven't decided what to do with that room yet. But You know I will share it when I'm done.
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting in 2012