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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gift for a Friend

Hello Everyone

I'm so sorry that I have been away so much lately. This time of the year is extremely busy at work plus I've had some personal problems to attend too. I hope that I have put out all the fires in my personal life and can get back to enjoying my craft room. The relationship I was in has ended and I am trying to tie up the lose ends. It is never easy saying goodbye  to someone you love but sometimes it is necessary. God has untold grace and  love. He shares himself  fully with you at times like this. He allows you to take all you need from him.  I am so thankful for that. Now we are on to happier thoughts.  :) Like Susie's Happy Place. I hope you all have a happy place.

Today I made a small project for a friend of mine from church. While I was gone last month to see my grand baby in the hospital. My friend Susie came over everyday ( sometimes twice a day) and took care of my dogs. She gave them treats, played with them and worried about them. They loved it and I so appreciated it!!

I started with a shadow box from the thrift store. I painted it white ( sorry no before pics) I added some scrap booking paper on the back. It was some script paper. Then I painted over that with white paint to distress it. I made a mannequin from Summer in Paris cart with chip board. I cut that at 5 1/4. It is a 3d mannequin from that cart. I inked the bottom legs of the mannequin. The sewing machine was from a card I received at Valentines. I loved the sewing machine on this card. If you look closely there are hearts strung together at the sewing machine.The detail of the card was wonderful. I couldn't wait to use the die cut from it. Even though the sewing machine has some great detail. You could hand draw and cut out a basic sewing machine shape. That would work for this card also. If you wanted to do a scrapbook theme for your shadow box. You could take a look at a tag I did awhile back for a magazine. Here is the link to the video on how I made the scrap booking room tag. It would work prefect for this shadow box too. http://ramblingsofatexascraftroom.blogspot.com/2011/09/video-on-my-2-cards-and-tag-that-were.html

I then made a simple hanging banner. I used some very small letter stamps I had. I hand cut the small banner then glued that to some string that I ran across the back of the shadow box.

Thanks for stopping by today!
Happy Crafting in 2012

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