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Friday, March 23, 2012

Brass Bed Pin Cushion

 I bought this brass bed at a Flea Market this past weekend. I gave $2.00 for it. I couldn't wait to get home and take it a part and recover it. As soon as I saw it , I knew I wanted to make a Pin Cushion out of it. I did get a surprise though. When I took the top off (the part where the flowers were stuck in) I discovered my Brass bed was a music box. I didn't need or really want a music box pin cushion. However I left all the components in tack in case I change my mind later. When you pull out the drawer the music box apparently would play. Since the batteries were in place but not working I assumed IF I replaced the batteries it would work. A guess the theme was a "bed of roses" by whoever made this originally.
 The little bear was very dirty and the roses were gross. I was going to just throw him away with the roses. But once I got him off the bed and I hand washed him. He was so cute! All of his limbs move and he had such a cute look on his face. He was too adorable to do away with. So I took off his bow and added him back to his pillow, once the bed and pillow where recovered.
 The brass bed is app. 4x6 inches and  stands 4 inches tall. It is made from heavy gauge metal. I have no idea if it is real brass. I was a going to spray paint it gold. But when I got it cleaned up I liked the brass patina. So I left the color alone.
 Here is what I did to My Bear and  his bed
 I had some teal wool and matching lining. I know it looks blue in the pic but its more green than blue. I took this material from an old wool jacket I bought awhile ago. Once I washed the wool, it was  prefect for this project. The matching lining was such a bonus.
 I covered the "mattress/ box springs" part with the lining material. I layered about 8 layers of wool on top of the "mattress" and then covered it in the final layer of wool.
 It works so well as a pin cushion. The bed is heavy enough not to move when I am reaching for a pin. The wool makes a great place to stick the pins. I recovered the pillow with the lining material also.
I think the  bear is happy to have come to live in my craft room. I think his is smiling now.  I think we need to name him.
hmm any suggestions?


  1. What a fantastic job on the refurbishing. Buddy a good name

  2. Thanks Tina
    That is a very good suggestion!

  3. Good idea! I'd name him Honey.


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