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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My new Bedroom by the way of Paris

I have finally finished decorating my bedroom. I have done the room in a Paris Flea Market theme. What is that you may ask? It is simply where I get to use a lot of vintage things with flower prints. There is a  mixture of everything you would find for sale in a Paris Flea Market. I love the way it turned out. Here are a lot of pics of my room. I don't take great pics, sorry about that. I just have a very simple camera for this. I think the room looks better in person than it photographs here. I hope you enjoy a look into at my room.

I got this bed about 4 years ago at an antique store in Ft Worth. I loved the foot board. This is the only Oak furniture I have ever loved and wanted to own. It is a reproduction  bed about 20 years old. It is a queen size with wooded rails.

I already owned these pictures you see here. I bought the window frame at an antique store in Ft Worth last weekend just for this room. I bought the coverlet and the pillows at a local store. I changed the lamp shade to a maroon one. I made the wreath.

This is the first table I sanded, painted and glazed for my new room. The bed ruffle is a silk material in a greyish brown. it looks very shiny in the pictures but is not that way in person. I love the maroon and brown colors. Thoses colors blends to the vinatge things in this room.

I bought these two large prints at a Thrift shop for $5.00 each. I loved the frames and decided to use them in this room. Even though they had lots of  blue instead of maroon in them.

I got this lamp at a small antique store in Louisiana. I paid $10.00. It is all metal including the shade. I removed the large metal Eagle that was on top of the shade. It is very early American but it fits in well with my
eclectic  look. Right???? LOL
Sometimes you just use what you love and it  somehow works out!

This is a carved wooden piece I've had for many years. It is hung above my closet door.
This is my purse collection. Ive had these purses for over 20 years. They are beaded, leather and one is fabric with metallic thread.   Click the pictures to enlarge for a better look.

I got the lamp a few years ago from Cracker Barrel. I am the only one in my family that even likes this lamp. The canvas came from Big Lots last year. The mirror and brush are silver.  Ive had for over 20 years.
I made these curtains from fabric I found for $3.00 a yard. I loved the Vintage roses. I added a band to the bottom of each panel.I used 10 yards of roses fabric for this room. i used a set of queen size sheets for the band on the curtains, the chair and the pillow. I have a small amount of that fabric left. I added some tassel trim to the shades. I loved the vintage look of the shades.

The bird cage came from Tuesday Morning, a few weeks ago. It was a great $20.00 find.

I sanded and painted the table white. I then glazed it in a brown glaze. I recovered the chair in a sheet I found that matched my curtain fabric.

A before picture  of my old chair. I got this chair when my daughter was a baby she is now 24. It has been in storage for many years. My daughters favorite chair!

This is my hand mirror collection. Ive had these mirrors for over 20 years.
I made this small Paris  pillow ( the others I bought). I also made the foam stamp that I stamped the pillow with. You can see how I made it here  http://ramblingsofatexascraftroom.blogspot.com/2012/03/paris-pillow.html
The band I added to the curtains. The band was added so I could hang the curtains all the way to the ceiling,  This is a close up picture of the table to show you the glazing.

The Subway Art Canvas came from a local store. Another $10.00 find!
I made the Stack of Letters box.  you can see how  i did that here   http://ramblingsofatexascraftroom.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-keepsake-box.html   I also altered  the small jewelry box here    http://ramblingsofatexascraftroom.blogspot.com/2011/12/altered-jewerly-box.html  
This  is my standing jewelry box. Sitting on top is an old case from the 50's. I keep my Bible, my Kindle  and my reading glasses in it. Above that is a very old mirror I've had for 30 years. On the very top is my collection of custom jewelry. Click the picture for a closer look. 

I hope you enjoyed my new room. I so love my new space. Now on to my Library. I haven't decided what to do with that room yet. But You know I will share it when I'm done.
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting in 2012


  1. Hi Terri.
    Loved what you did with your bedroom. Soooo Cute.
    Wish I would have seen that metal lamp before you did. I love it. I live in Louisiana. Gail

  2. Lots of cute details to the and the lamp fits the decor. Nice collection.

  3. Wow mom that is so pretty! I love it!

  4. Thank you ladies so much.
    Gail--My daughter lives in Jennings, La. She is in the hospital today. Thanks for the comment Nikki but get better and get home!!!!! love you

  5. Great collection of vintage items, love the room!

  6. Great collection of vintage items, love the room!


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