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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rubber Duckie Rag Quilt

Who doesn't love a baby blanket? Today I want to share with you a Rag quilt baby blanket I made. This baby blanket  for my daughters best friend Melissa (she's my friend too and we love her). She is having a baby boy. We're so excited for her.
  She loves loves loves yellow rubber duckies. I was so happy to finally find this rubber duck cotton material. I searched high and low but found this fabric at Hobby Lobby. The yellow material is plain-o  flannel. A Rag Quilt is so easy and fast to make. I know it seems like a lot of steps but it goes very fast. I worked on this blanket 2 evening.
 There are a ton of pictures here but I was trying to take a pic at each step. Some of the pics have bad lighting ( sorry about that). If you have any questions about making rag quilts please send me an email to Sugarlite02@aol.com. I am not an expert Rag Quilt maker but I have made about 20 using this method.

I cut 4 panels of  6 inch strips from the pattern fabric and  8 panels of 6 inch  strips of the yellow flannel. I think I used about 1 yard of the duck cotton fabric and 2 yards of the flannel.  Of course I didnt write it down so Im not 100% sure.

Then I cut the strips into 6 inch squares
I then match one pattern fabric square to a flannel square. The remaining flannel squares will be matched together
I chain stitch a "X" across the 6 inch square. This will hold the 2 pieces together. You can also add batting between the squares if you like. Since this will be used as a summer blanket I didnt add the extra batting.
Now you have a stack of 6 inch squares
I divided up the squares. One pile is of the duck pattern with flannel square and the other is the flannel on flannel squares.

Now its time to make our rolls. I alternated from a pattern/flannel square to a flannel/flannel square. With wrong side together I stitched the squares together. I used 1/2 inch seem allowance

I have 6 of the 6inch squares together to make a roll. I will need 8 of these rolls to make the baby blanket

Now sew all the strips together

This is what you get
We worked hard.. lets have pie!!!! before we get to the next step
I cut 4 strips at 6 inch wide for the binding of my blanket. I doubled the 6 inches making a 3 inch strip.

At the end  of the strip I ran a seam across the top and at the end of the strip. Then turned it inside right and added it to my blanket. This is the only time the seam allowance is on the inside..all others are on the outside.

This is what it looks like attached to the blanket. Remember the seam allowance in this quilt is on the right side of the blanket..not inside like a regular quilt.

This is what the back of the blanket looks like with the binding added

This is the blanket before i start cutting all the seem allowances in small fringes

A close up of the squares with binding attached, This is the top of the blanket.

the back of the blanket.

Now its time to fringe all the seams. This takes the longest.  Take your time and do small cuts make sure you don't go through the stitches. If you do when you wash the blanket it will come unraveled.

Now its time to wash wash wash the blanket. That way it will fray the seam allowances and become very soft.
I will wash it 3 times then dry it. If there are any loose threads I will cut them at this time. The blanket should now be very soft.
                                              While we are waiting .. lets have some cake!!!!

The blanket will  "shed" You will need to pick all the fuzz off and cut any threads left behind. This is time consuming but a necessary thing.

Once you have washed the blanket a few times. This is how it will look. The seam allowances have all frayed and have become soft.
This is not a step by step guide. I just gave you the basics of a rag quilt. If you want to make one for yourself and I can be of any help. Please email me
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting in 2012


  1. Very nice! I made a lot of rubber duckie items when my baby grandson was born. I love the fabrics!

  2. Nicely done, and a really good tutorial on it. the cake looked good too, LOL. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful quilt and congrats to your friend

  3. That is adorable, I'm sure she will love it! I've never been very good at sewing, it involves too many rules and following directions! Back in high school my home ec teacher was not very impressed with my 'innovative and creative' method of sewing! LOL

  4. Beautiful quilt, and great overview of the process. You know we want the recipes for the goodies you ate LOL!


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