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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Update on my Room Decor

Now that I have lived in my new room for a couple weeks. I wanted to make a small change. I saw on Pinterest  ( but didnt Pin it, I hate that! ) a blog about taking a picture frame and making it a memo type board for antique post cards.  Oh I thought I have lots of old Post Cards and no way to display them. So I looked around my newly decorated room and didn't see any open space to add new decor! So something had to go. I decided I could live without the canvas I bought at Big Lots and took it down. Then went on search of a 16x20  frame. I found one in my price range. I budgeted $15.00 for the frame. I found a great one with a mirror for only $10.00. I loved the style of the frame and the color and the size was prefect. So I got it home and took the mirror out. I bet I used that mirror some other place.  I replaced it with 2 strips of wire across the back of the frame. Then added my old post cards with miniature clothes pins. I instantly feel in love with it. It looks so much more personalized that the the canvas that was hanging in its place. I also added an old clock I found at Goodwill. I'm sure my canvas will find another home in some other room in my house.



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  1. Very cute! Yup - I hate it when I forget to pin and then want to find something again. Love the clotheselines!


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