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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kids Halloween Birthday Card

Hello Card Markers!
So happy your here to check out this card. If you came over from the CAD blog... Thank you!!! If you haven't check out that blog.. please do so.. We have a different card 365 days a year. Today, I am the designer on that blog. I have posted pics of the Kids Halloween Birthday card I made.

I saw the cutest shirt at Walmart that had a ghost and the words BOO-YA written on it. I just knew that would make a great card front but wasn't sure how I would use it. So I  challenged myself to make a card for a kid who's birthday was on Halloween. Here is what I  made.
The card is very simple. I didnt even cut a mat for the front. The letters were cut from Plantin School at 1.25 inches. The ghost on the front was cut from Dress up Paper Dolls at 3 inches. I liked the way the black and white cardstock worked together. I did ink around the ghost with dark grey ink.

You could pop the ghost up with pop dots or use a wobble. I would have used a wobble if I had one. I hear they are easy to make. Maybe i'll give it a try if I make another one.
The ghost on the inside of the card were cut at 2 inches. I used a small alphabet stamp set from Walmart for .99 cents to make my banners. I just stamped out my sentiment and hand cut the banner. I then strung up the string and glued the banner to it,
I hand cut some V's to resemble bats. I glued them to the ends of the string.

Thats it!! so simple but adorable. I love cards like that.
Thank you so much for stoping by. If you havent yet, Id like to invite you to join my blog.
Happy Crafting in 2012


  1. What a really fun card for a birthday celebration and so different

  2. Thanks, today is my birthday , So even at 53 id love this type of card


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