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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scrap booking and Emotions

"Way Kool" is the title that's cut off in the picture
So this afternoon I decided I should get some scrapbooking done. Its been awhile since I worked on the stack of pictures that sit in a pretty box on my table.

Here is the four  pages I got completed today. I have a couple more in progress. I hope to post them by the weeks end.

Let me say, I love to scrapbook!  Half way through the first page I was wondering.... If I loved doing so much, why did I stop scrap booking and mainly just make cards?  Very Good Question!

By the time I had my daughter/ hubby's page done. I thought maybe I might have a clue as to why I don't do as many pages as I used to. Then when I worked on my daughter/my mothers page. I thought I had sort of figured it out. By the time I was half done with my granddaughters/her cousins page, I was 100% sure why I stopped scrap booking.

Scrap booking makes me sad. The pictures of all the ones I love and miss make me sad. I miss my daughter and granddaughter so much. They live an 8 hours drive away. I miss my mother. She is 72 and frail.  She lives a 3 hour drive away. I never get to share in their daily lives. I think that is why one day I made a beautiful box and placed the pictures inside. I just stopped opening the box. Then with all the pictures my daughter sends me through out the year. Like all  the missed birthday parties, the first day of school and the random  pictures of their daily life's. Those pictures were all enjoyed in the moment then stored on my computer. I decided, I like happy card making better than sad scrap booking.
  When I did the final page of the day. The page of my son Jason. It didn't make me sad. Because he was sitting on the sofa watching my TV in my living room. I wasn't missing him. So I'm sure I can share scrap booking with strangers and not be sad. So not ALL scrap booking makes me sad....that's good to know.
  But how do I complete my own scrap booking and not be sad? I have tons of pics of happier times in my life but those people are no longer a part of my life. How do I scrap book those memories without being sad?  How do I scrap book the parts of my kids lives I miss out on and not be sad? Am I the only one this happens to? Does scrap booking bring out emotions in you? Does it change your mood? Can you scrap book unhappy times or do you just scrap the happy ones?
Card making is so much simpler  :)
Thanks for stopping by today
Happy Crafting in 2012


  1. Fantastic job on the layouts-love the cousins one, but the others are just as cute. Scrapbooking seems to bring out the good memories when I do it. I haven't scraped any one that is gone yet so I'm not sure if I'll have a reaction to that when it happens, but I like to scrap my feelings about the people in the pictures and the memory of the event that was taking place. But I agree Card making is much simpler to do I think that is why I do them the most. Enjoy the process just as we do for cardmaking. Maybe that will help.

  2. I know what you mean, looking at old photos of times past often make me sad. But think of how much those pages you make will mean to your grandchildren and great grandchildren and beyond! What wonderful keepsakes for them!


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