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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Simple Pencil

Simple Pencil
This is a new segment I'm adding to my blog. It simply is where I am video taping my progress or lack of progress, in learning how to shade with colored pencils. I'm using a simple stamp, colored pencils, Gamsol (mineral spirits) and a paper stump. I hope to make one new video each week of me learning to shade and color in stamps images. I have wanted to learn for awhile and I just got the nerve to see if I can do it.

Here is a card I did today after I made the video on the Simple Pencil idea. It turned out ok. It is much easier to shade than the bird stamp I did in the video. I'm still working on a good blended  coloring of the bird stamp. When I do I will share a card I plan to make with the shaded bird. There are no classes in my area. So I'm watching youtube and practicing. If I learn to shade with the pencils maybe I will entertain the idea of paying $7 for a Copic marker lol I doubt it!

So come learn with me. If you know of a good video on Youtube I need to watch please share that link with me. I've been watching tecat7175 and she is great.

I'm excited to use all the stamps I have been buying (without the knowledge of what to do with them) for so long. It just adds that personal touch to a card that a die cut just doesn't.
Have a great week

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