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Monday, April 25, 2011

Info about the Napkin Swap

I have had several people interested in the paper napkin swap. If you are interested please email me so I can have your email adresss. I will  email you the address to mail your napkins too.

Here is how it will work. This is the same method we use for our card swap. It works well so I think I will adopted for our napkin swap.
I think with 6 people we can have a good swap. You send in 6 of one napkin and 6 of another napkin you will get 12 different ones back. Everyone includes a self address stamped envelope for their return napkins. What ever the cost for you to send in your napkins, that's the postage on your self address envelope. I will swap all the napkins and get them back in the mail to you. The napkins can be any design and size of your choice.

The first swap will be due to me by May 10th.

Lets swap!!!


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