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Monday, October 25, 2010

Werid or just me? True story, it happened to me

 Happy Monday!! I'm working on some cards and a mini album. Pics will be posted soon. I have to tell you a funny story from my adventure out yesterday. I decided I wanted a coke. I don't drink a lot of cokes so this in its self was weird. So I was making my way to Sonic for a coke. Then I decided I wanted the new chocolate turn over at Arbys, oh but they only sell Pepsi(yuck). I decided Id make two stops, one to Arbys then to Sonic. All will be good. Arbys was out of the turnover but they would be fresh baked in 18 minutes. Ok no problem I think. There is a Half Price Books there in the parking lot with the Arbys. So Ill go there look around and come back for the turnover. So now I've decided since I've gone to all the trouble for the turnover I should get two. Off to Half Price Books I go. I get a couple scrapbooking magazines. Good side trip. Now I'm back to the drive through at Arbys. Ill take two turnovers now. Oh sorry the guy says they are out. Oh I say they aren't ready yet? I'm the lady who was here 30 minutes ago and went to half price book, now I'm back for my turn over!!!. He says a lady came in and bought all they had just made. GRRRRRR. 20 minutes more a fresh batch will be out. I guess he heard the desperation in my voice. He then tells me if I will drive around he will sell me 2 frozen turnovers. I said excuse me? He whispers in the mouth piece of the intercom that they are easy for me to bake. This made perfect sense to me and I say ok then give me 3. He then ask if I want some extra to pipe on the top. I feel like I just scored some drugs and look around then say,Yes I want that too!!! I drive around to the window. He hands me some hand written baking directions and I slip him my money and I get a bag of frozen turnovers!! I wondered if it was his first time too? When I got home he had given me 4 but chagred me for 3. I think hes trying to get me hooked.

Weird or just me?


    Weird but Hilarious.
    LOVE the way you think.
    So how were they? Easy? Yummy?

  2. Girl, they were delicious. You need to try it.


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