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Monday, October 18, 2010

Card making with Kimmy

Kimmy glimmer misting her paper

Im holding the heat gun for her

She loved the cuddle bug. Embossing is her thing!!

She is tearing her paper just like the video she watched

 she added the string

The ATG was hard for her but she did it

Stamping her sentiment

Happy card maker!!

Today was  card making day with Kimmy.She is my granddaughter. She choose a card from Youtube ( made my Chris416Ward) Kimmy made her card with very little help from me. I did help her do the cutting and I held the heat gun. The rest was all her. I made a card too. Her card turned out beautiful!!! and she's only 4 years old. Can you tell which card the adult made and which one the 4 year old made?  lol me either. We had a great day together making cards and laughing. We are both very mess card makers. Our table is a mess!!

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