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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pet Card

Made with the  A Childs Year cart. Cut at 4 inches. 5x5 card.
Paper by K and co

Today I made a simple but meaningful personal card for a friend. His cat whom he loves more than anything is ill. Old age is catching up with dear old Pooka, a beautiful black cat. This is making my dear friend very sad. I want them both to know I'm thinking of them and wishing them well. Isn't that why we send personal cards and personal notes? We want the people we care about to know we understand and wish the very best outcome for them. That is why card making is such a joy for me. Its a way to express in a very short form, solidarity. Let it be either a happy birthday, welcome baby, or sympathy  card. No matter what the celebration or the trials, we stand with you. A card can remind a person in a small way they are not alone.

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