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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Card Swap for January 2011

Hello Happy Wednesday!! Its card swap day! With a card swap you mail off 12 cards.  6 of 2 designs. The only rule is the cards need to be made with your Cricut. You will get back in the mail 12 different cards. Its is a wonderful way to share the love of card making.The ones I got back for the Christmas swap blew me away. There are so many talented ladies in our group. Here are the 2 cards I made.

Made with A Child Year Cart. Its hard to tell in the pic but the back ground paper is very shinny. I added pearls around the edges. If I had to do it over again I would have made a shadow for her. But I like the card over all
Also made with a Childs Year cart. It is one of my very favorite carts. The small bird on the shovel handle is bend in the pic. I did notice and  it was fixed before I mailed them out  LoL

Today I mailed off my cards for the card swap. I did enjoy making these cards. I'm excited to get the other ladies cards back. Its always exciting to see what the others card makers are doing. I made these cards while making about 40 for the church bookstore to sale. I will show them in the next few days. i hope you enjoy these.

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