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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 2 of Marions 31 day challenge

I have completed day 2. I wish I could say this mix media art is getting easier for me. Im not sure it is. But I remember back to the first few cards I made. I would hate to share them with you now.They did not show any great promise of a good card maker. So I will keep trying until I come up with some pages I like. I doubt I'll like them all but I am enjoying the process.

This is the tag that goes behind the sunflower page.I still need to go back and add a few details to the tag. However time got away from me this morning.

On day 1-2-12 My son and I painted my curb numbers for the house.  We went to Lowe's and got the supplies and he did my curb. He did a great job and  now all my neighbors want him to freshen up their curbs too. So it  is great for everyone. He can make extra pocket change while he is staying with me this winter. 

Now on to day 3. Yesterday I was told I will be getting a new District Manager. I work part time 10-15 hours per week. So it shouldnt be that big of a deal. But I like my DM now so I hope the change will be good. So I will try and interpret that into the next page of January.

Happy Crafting in 2012



  1. I was on the CADB and was glad to see your site on the side bar, welcome. Love the layout for the curb painting picture it is so cute. Wow Terri you got so much going on in your life for the first few days of the month already. Looking forward to tomorrow's post.

  2. Thank Tina. Im excited to join you over at CADB. I have a few questions will email you later
    Thanks again for stopping by


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