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Monday, June 6, 2011

Simple Pencil!! YEAH right!

Monday has arrived. Back to the normal grind. I have been working on my simple pencil idea. It turns out not to be so simple after all. Oh maybe it would be if I had an ounce of talent in this department. It is clear I do not. I think I will need to enlist some help via a class or two to get me started. Otherwise I will just learn some very bad habits. That I will in turn spend lots of money and time to unlearn! This is not going to come to me naturally.

With that said here is the card I made this week. It is a beautiful stamp my Penny Black. I just love her stamps. Her images are lovely and easy to color. Well easier than some I've tried. I think because she has some built in texture to her animals. The texture makes it easier to make the colors look blended.

I have not given up. I have expensive pencils so therefore I will continue on!! I hope that I have not spend a lot of money on pencils to only color in flowers! I plan to check Joann's and Michael's today to see if they offer any classes on Color Pencil shading.

Happy Crafting to you and God Bless



  1. Beautiful card, I love it! Tfs

  2. Terri I think your coloring is good for someone who is teaching herself. I taught myself too using Prisma color pencils. Like you I watched all kinds of you tube videos. It just takes practice and you will have your own style. I use copic markers too but coloring with pencils is 100 times easier in my opinion.
    So please don't quit. If you like check out my blog to look at all the cards I colored with pencils. Hugs, Fran

  3. Thanks for your encouragement. I am having fun. I just thought it would be easier. I will check out your blog. Thanks again

  4. Terri - I think it looks lovely! I, too, have purchased an expensive set of pencils. and a blending pencil. and they don't work together well. It may be operator error... sigh.

  5. wow this is excellent, i am not too good at coloring and painting but you just gave me inspiration to keep trying. jrtpjn1@wowway.com


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