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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10 Minute Napkin Card cut from Wild Card Cartridge

This morning I posted the wrong pictures of this card. I had made a mock up then I made this card. I posted the mock up by mistake.

Depending on how you fold your card the square can be on the bottom or the top

I  used some coloring pencils to color in the leaves

I have been working on a few more napkins cards. I loved this napkin with some lovely birds on it. These two cards are made from the same napkin. I got the napkin from Lisa. Thanks Lisa. I used the wild card cartridge to cut the card and the trim around the opening. All I did was turn over the cut to make the square be on the bottom. This is a extremely easy card to make. It is a good design for a man card. Its decorative without being filly. I am adding a bunch of napkins to my online store for sale. Its taking a lot of time to photograph them and get them posted. I hope to get the rest up by Sunday. By Sunday (my day off) I will have worked 10 days straight. Playing catch up after being off a few days is never fun!
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  1. Thank you for stoping by. Im glad you liked my napkin cards. They are so easy to do and look great with tons of color.


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