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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good News!!! Smiles all around

Today has been a extra wonderful day for me here in Texas. I was notified today that I will have 3 cards published in the Sept/ Oct 2011 issue of THE BUG MAGAZINE. I am beyond thrilled. I will have one card in the fall section, one in the anniversary section and one in the Grandparents section of the magazine. I have also been published in their July/ August issue with 2 cards. I am waiting anxiously for that issue to come out. I will post on my blog  all the pictures of my cards when I can. I have to wait until the magazine is out to show the pic's on my blog.

Smiles all around!!
I took this picture of the clay pot man that has sat in front of my house for many many years now. We call him Ollie. I made Ollie originally many years ago out of clay pots. Over the years I have moved and he has gotten broken. A few years ago a friend help me restring him with plastic pots. He has sat in my garden protecting my flowers for a very long time. My sunflowers are coming in and he looks so happy sitting among them.

I once moved only a few blocks from my old house. The day after I move my mail showed up in my mail box at the new house, even tho I hadn't told the post office I had moved yet. The next day I saw the postwoman and I asked her how she knew I had moved only a few blocks away. I assumed she was going to say she noticed my car. Now I drive a very distinctive car. I drive a red VW beetle with 6 inch black dots all over it. It is a giant LadyBug. I live in a small town and everyone knows that car. She shocked me by saying ,no it wasn't the car she noticed, it was my clay pot man. She loved seeing him everyday in my garden. She was sad to see him gone one day. Then that very afternoon she saw him in the new garden. He makes everyone who sees him smile.

I hope everyone has something in their life that just makes them smile. I'm thankful I do!

Happy crafting and God Bless you.

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  1. Oh that is great! So happy for you!!
    Denise in WA


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