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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Paris Window Art

Hello Everyone!! I hope you are enjoying your weekend as I am. I started out as I do every Saturday, plans to  my craft room. So of 1:30 pm no cleaning has been done but Art was enjoyed!!

A couple weeks ago I found an old window in someones trash. The window wasn't broken and had lots of patina. So I took it home with me. I sanded off the loose paint. Cleaned the window of its dirt. BUT I left all the over spray paint and messy caulking. This to me gave it character.

I knew I wanted to add this window to my Paris themed bedroom. So I got out my Cricut and my Summer in Paris cartridge and started cutting. This was the first time I have used my 12x24  mat. I know it wont be my last. I so enjoyed working with this size cut out. I used some black and some white Contact paper. Below you will see the pictures of the cuts I made.

At first I was going to do the tower and the PARIS all in black. But once I got it together you couldn't really see the R in Paris. So I decided to cut around the R to make it stand out more. That wasn't to my liking either. So I decided to make the tower in White with black letters.
Here is my process:
 I first cut the tower in Black. This is the black out feature. It cut 23 inch on portrait mood. I had planned to add the letters to this size tower
Then I cut the tower with the Paris. The largest it would was 10 inches. I liked the size of the letters but not the tower. So I cut the letters off the tower to add to my much larger 23 inch tower.
 Once I placed the letters over the large tower I realized the black on black  wasn't going to work.
So I cut around the tower to help the "R" stand out more. I didn't like that either.
I then decided to cut the tower out in white contact paper. Then add my letters

It really fits well into my room. I hope you enjoy this post and make an art project for yourself.
Any questions , please email me Sugarlite02@aol.com
Happy Crafting in 2012

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