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Friday, October 28, 2011

Ribbon Organizer

Progress is being made in my craft room make over. But not without a price, I am exhausted. It has been extremely busy week at work. Seems the powers to be have also decided that I needed a make over at work too. I work part time as a Rep of Hallmark. This week a crew of 6 came in to remodel my entire main store.Then as if I didn't have enough to do this week, I got a message from my old landlord. He decided in order to return my full deposit, he wanted me to repaint the kitchen I painted right before I moved. Of course when I got ready to move he said no problem just leave the kitchen the color it is. Now he has had second thoughts and decided white would be a better way to go instead of the green it is now!!! So this past week I have gone from the remodel of the store to the old house where I've painted and then back home to work on my craft room.
Lucky for me my daughter is here to help out. Here are some pics of her organizing my punches and resorting loads of embellishments. Each night I worked on the nightmare that was my ribbon stash. I saw on a blog a hanging ribbon organizer I thought would work great in my new craft room. You can see that blog post here http://inmyownstyle.com/2010/06/how-to-make-an-easy-ribbon-organizer.html. I tweaked it until it worked in my space. I am very happy with the results.

On the web site they used heavier curtain rods that I did. I used some cheap ones from Big lots at $1.50 each. The chain I got from home depot at .68 a foot. I used 2/ 6 ft lengths. Since my rods were cafe curtain rods they do not have finals. I used 2 inch safety pins to hold my rods on to the chain through the small holes in the rod. They work perfectly and are almost unnoticeable. I hung my ribbon organizer on a door that will not be opened or closed.This door leads into a hallway that leads to the bedrooms. You could hang this organizer on a wall or over a window. I used flat metal that is about 6 inches long to screw to the top of my door. This gave me a ledge to hang the chain from. It also made the chain hang about 3 inches from the door. This way there was room for the ribbon spools to spin freeely. It will not damage the door, since I screwed the metal to the top edge of the door.
I have 2 doors that lead from different hallways into my craft room. Both door's wont be opened or closed. I hung my punches on one. The other I made a ribbon spool holder.

My daughter finally gave up and moved the the living room. She needed the sit down to work out the mounds of embellishments.
This is the mess that was my ribbon stash.

I used a 6 inch flat metal bar to hang my chain from. Then I used safetly pins to hold the rod to the chain.

Im so happy with the results. I had no idea I had that much ribbon
I will be posting more of my craftroom make over this weekend. I am hoping to finish a few more projects and get back to posting my cards.
Happy Crafting


  1. I love the ribbon organization! Do you think when you are done with your craft room that you could come and organize mine? LOL! Sounds like you are almost there. Keep at it!!

  2. Great idea for the ribbon. It sounds as though you are getting closer to having the craftroom done.........GOOD FOR YOU! When it is done, you can stand back and smile!

  3. Love your ribbon organizer. Even I could make that. I would probably make a cover. I live in Hawaii with a lot of sun and bugs. Your craft room makes me want to get in and organize mine.


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