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Monday, October 17, 2011

Where to start!!!!?????

The  move is over and I am settling into the new place. My goodness it was a lot of work to get moved here. I have finally gotten all my things out of storage. Now I have a house full of boxes and disarray of furniture. I'm not even sure where to start the sorting and organizing at this point. I am so tired from all the moving I think after work today I will just sit and stare at all the mess. Tomorrow is my day off, Im sure I will start the process then. At least I hope so. I still have no water in the kitchen due to a problem with the line that runs to the fridge for the ice maker. So a quick trip to Home Depot today should solve that problem. I also discovered this morning my back door was wide open. Seems the lock isn't secure and the cat pushed the door open sometime last night. I hope it was the cat. The door was open and she was sitting in the kitchen this morning. I know I let her out before bed. Don't want a repeat of that. So I will get another lock for that door while at Home Depot today. Then I should be ready to unbox.
Here is what my craft room looks like. Just imagine 7 rooms that look like this and you can see the mess I have to unbox. I pray this is my last move for a very long time.

I hope to craft very soon in my new room!!
Happy Crafting



  1. Good luck unpacking, But have fun arranging and decorating!!

  2. Moving IS a pain in the neck, isn't it? Although everything seems like such a mess right now, take your tie and enjoy setting up your new craftroom (and the rest of the house) Looks as though you have a lovely new home...God bless!


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