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Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Craftroom in Progress

wow!!! One week and still the craft room isn't pulled together. I was hoping to be blogging new cards by now. No such luck. I did work on a project from a table I dragged into the living room last night. I was having such withdrawals and an idea was running wild in my head. I rummaged through boxes looking for my paper trimmer and glue and scissors and paper. I finally found a few things to work with. It really is so much easier when my craft room it put together. I like know where everything is. I did not enjoy cleaning up the mess I made in the living room either. Here are a few pics of the craft room in progress. I have decided what furniture I will be using and where they will go. That was half the battle. Now I have to unbox all my supplies. I hope to purge some stuff and find some things I forgot I had. Over all I am happy with my decision to move. My new house fits the bill perfectly.
Happy crafting
This table will hold my 3 cricut's and my cuttle bug. Plans are to have a cube system under the table to hold all things dry embossing and die cutting. A long shelve above the table to hold all my carts

Here I had put together the cubes for this side of the room. My goal is to add some Cricut heads from my E2 to this green wall.

Here is the closet that I plan to make my sewing station. As soon as I figure out where to put my paper racks.

My faithful companion. No matter where I am in the house , Sandi is at my side. She is as exhausted as I am. I am working on my table here. I discovered I will need new legs. The other legs have moved their last time. I have had this table for over 10 years. It has been taken down and put back together  6 times. So off to Home Depot  I go. AGAIN!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Terri,
    You will get it setup! My craft room is a mess! I cannot wait to see what you create!


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