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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

Instead of working on the reorganization of my craft room or out with friends on a Friday night. I have been busy making a poster for the new craft room. I have loved this poster in the original red and white ever since I first saw it. I had the idea last week to make one for my craft room but make it in green and black to match my room decor.

I was too tired and mentally exhausted to make any more decisions on the reorganization. So I dragged the Cricut and some carts to the living room and started cutting  letters. Here are some pics of the process and the final results. I'm happy with the poster. It looks great on my wall above the computer.

I did this one with contact vinyl lettering but you could easily do it with card stock letters. I bought my green paper for the back ground at Walmart in the gift wrap isle. I cut it at 18 x 30. I also got the poster frame at Walmart, $10. I used a roll of $7.00 black vinyl from Lowes.

I am using that same contact paper vinyl to cut all the Cricut heads for one wall and bird cages for another wall. As soon as I figure out the sizing I plan to add my blog name to the final wall. Im not done with all that yet but  I will show those three walls in another post when I am.
Here are the pics of the process of the Keep Calm Poster.
Happy Crafting

Here is the poster frame I used.

I painted a white frame around the cardboard backing. Then glued my green paper to it and framed it.

I used a ruler to keep the lines straight. I have a mat on my table with grid lines. This made the process easier.

For the lettering I used the Sans Serif cart, cut at 4 inches. I used Dress up Paper Dolls for the Crown cut at 4 inches use REAL SIZE for the crown! I used black contact paper. It is a vinyl with  texture to it.

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