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Friday, February 17, 2012

K and Co Diecut Card Series

Hello Everyone!
I am starting a short series using the K and Co die cut packages. Here are the first 3 cards I made. I got my diecut package at Joann's for $3.50. I hope to make 10 cards from this package of die cuts. Its a fast and easy way to make a great card. Here is the first video of the series.

 I hope you enjoy it and get some ideas.
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting in 2012


  1. Another fantastic card. I am seeing more of this on other places too. Looks like a really quick way to get a pretty card done. Great when you need one quickly. The flower is gorgeous! TFS

  2. Love the bird card. So cute. The 3-n-1 glue you are using, do you favor it more than others? Why? Thanks for your input and can't wait for the next group of cards. Gail

  3. Gail,
    Yes I do love the 3n1 glue. For several reasons.
    1. If I get it in a place I don't want I can remove it with an eraser, once its dry.
    2. I have time to place my matts where they need to go AND adjust it for just the right fit before it dries. Then it holds really well.
    3. With a coupon its only $3 a bottle.
    The only Con is that when you get to the last inch in the bottle it becomes stringing and hard to get to flow in an even stream.
    But over all its my go to glue.
    Hope this helps----Terri

  4. Lovely card Terri,

    Which die cuts did you use? Is there a name on the package? Love the ease of making quick, pretty cards.


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