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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bird Shadowbox

Hello Everyone
   Today I have a project I just finished and I love it!!!. I saw a  white shadowbox on Pinterest and couldn't wait to make it for myself. All you need is a 5x7 shadow box and a candle stick holder. I got mine at the thrift store. The tag on the back of the tub shadow box said it was from 1986 and  from Montgomery Wards.  I also got the candle stick at the same time. Total cost of both $1.00.  I wanted a wooden candle holder but couldn't locate one there. So I got a brass one and it works just great.  I saved the tub.. you never know when I might use it!

I glued the two pieces together than  sanded and painted everything white. Then I went over the painted surface with gray glaze and wiped the glaze off. The inside as well. This gives the box great patina.

I got the eggs for my nest at the Dollar Tree. They were in the Easter decoration dept. I painted the wooden eggs blue and spackled them with brown paint. I made the nest from a handful of moss I already had. I got the small white bird from my stash as well. Once I found the right size branch from my yard, I glued the bird to it. Then placed that inside the frame. The crown on the birds head is top off a plastic Christmas ornament. I hot glued the crown to my birds head. I used hot glue for everything!

I used some scrapbook paper with printing on it to cover the back board. Above the bird I glued a small croched flower to the back board. I used a very small  safety pin to hang a heart charm. I had the  metal butterfly in my stash.
 I placed my Bird Shadow Box on my Entry Table. Along with my Bunnies.
Not bad  for a few dollars and an hour of my time!
Here is the link to where I first saw the Shadow box. http://allthingzrelated.blogspot.com/2010/03/nest-for-my-nest.html
Be sure and check out all of her blog. I loved everything she does!!!
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting in 2012

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful piece of art and it will be so inviting for people to see, TFS


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