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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Make a card today for someone you Love

I scraplifted this off a Sizzix ad in one of my scrap mags. They did a whole 12x12 page
I just made it smaller to fit on a 6 1/2 x5 card. Im planning on making  a page too.

The card stock I bought at Tuesday Morning this week was already embossed.
There are 25 pages of very heavy card stock in each package. I got about 6 colors. They were $1.99
a package.
Today I had a wonderful suprise. I talked to an old freind I haven't talk to in 5 or 6 months. It was great to hear his voice and feel his sprit. So today while I was feeling all happy, I made a happy love card for my grand daughter. She also called me today and told me all about her new house. She loves her new teacher and  is having a blast playing with all her cousins. Im happy for her but I miss our play time too.
Happy card making everyone. Make a card today for someone you love.

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