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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Wow, I am a messy card maker. Excuse the mess please! I do finally clean it up. When im all done.
 Hello Everyone
Happy Thanksgiving. I'm hoping everyone had a great day. Mine was wonderful. Family Food and Fun. Not all 3 of my kiddos were here. My one son Jason was in Austin. He called and we had a good chat. My daughter and her family were in Louisiana. They called and were having a great time. They were enjoying some good Cajun food. The Cowboys played the New Orleans Saints. We had several calls back and forth. The ribbing was all in good fun.
Im so Thankful for my loving family. My mother, my brother and my son James were here for the day. We had a great day. I thank the Lord we are all safe and home.

I have been very busy. I have not had time to blog much but I have been making some cards. I made a about 30 plus for my church. They will sale them at the bookstore. I didn't get any pics of them. I was running late Sunday. I grabbed them and dropped them off at church before I realized I had not taken any pics. They were mostly Christmas cards. Most were dry embossed. I have also been busy making some birthday cards. Here is a pic of the two I made last week. The cherry card was made with my cricut. The other card is a simply tag card. It is my favorite card to make. Its like a black dress. You can either dress this card up or dress it down. Either way it always looks great. if you have any questions about either card left me a comment and I will get back to you. Enjoy your black Friday shopping!!

Im working on a baby card. I saw a card like this in a blog and thought hmm this would be a good card to use my rolled felt flower on. When its complete I will take another pic.
Take care and have a great weekend everyone!!

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