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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I have a new love....Needle Felting

Hello everyone! I am back from my mini vacation. I had a great time but I am glad to be back in the swing of things. I start a new job on Monday. I am excited about that. I will no longer be a Rep for Hallmark Cards but I will be a Rep for American Greeting Cards. I'm sure it wont be much different but I'm excited about the change. Of course I'm still teaching classes at Joann's. That is always fun.
Here's what i want to talk about today....Needle felting

 I have been very busy but not with card making. I have a new love.. called Needle Felting. I discovered this craft while I was on my mini vacation. I LOVE IT!!! I had never heard of this craft. While I was on vacation I was hanging out at Joanns on a Saturday and they ask me if I wanted to play with a Felting Machine. I had never heard of this "sewing machine" type machine that was only for felting wool. I had  a blast playing with it.
This machine has 5 needles that only go up and down. It pushes the fiber from the felt into other felt or wool. This will hold the two fibers together. The needles have barbs on 3 sides that help grab the tiny fibers and mesh the fibers from one piece of felt to the other. You can attach felt, fibers, yarns or wool together.

I was heart broken to find the machine was over $300.00. So I would have to settle for the single needle felting. Oh my, I loved that even more. This craft was made for me. I love the look and feel of wool. One of my first videos was on making felt roses. I had no idea this wonderful craft was waiting for me to find it.
Instead of a $300 machine I got the following supplies

foam $5

Needles $7
Roving $7 for a combination bundle.

5 needle punch  $12

And I got some craft felt at 4/$1.00
That's what I started with. Most of that I got with a 40% coupon at Joann's, Hobby Lobby and Micheal's.
I have made several things the past week. I plan to make a few short videos and post them here on my blog. I should have one posted tomorrow. I have made very simple projects, since i am just learning.

 But here are some wonderful things I hope to learn to make.

Yes thats a felted cat!!!
Here is a book I started with
Im sure I will start with the basics. Such as the pillow I made.
See you tomorrow with my video of Needle Felting
Happy Crafting in 2012

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