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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The heat and boredom and lack of inspiration!

I did this card for our Swap. It was such a simple card. I cant even tell you the amount of time it took me to make this card. I need some mojoe! I finally have it done and its out the door!!

These two cards are Napkins Cards. I love the look of the napkin card. They are however very limiting on sizes. The lighting is very bad . Sorry!
Helloooo.....  still hot outside? I'm so tired of the heat. I know everyone is!!! If only the east coast could semd us some of that rain!
I have no desire to even go outside. So you would think I would be creating a ton of new things. Funny thing is I haven't been that creative lately. Not sure why. I think I'm bored and need to get out more. That way I have some excitement and see some inspiration.

Here are a few cards I've been working on. I done a few more cards but in my hast to get them out the door to the recipients, I didn't get pictures.

I'm working on my daughters 24th birthday card. That should be ready soon. Her birthday is on the 1st. We are having a party for her this Saturday. So I better get busy and finish it. I have 20 double sided pages I am doing for a Ranger 6x6 swap. I haven't been stamping that long and I have no art journaling experience. So this has kinda stumped me. I have come up with a design. So now I'm trying to execute it and tweak it. I'll post it as soon as I have a final page.

Happy Crafting


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