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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When does a week feel like a life time?

A Birthday card for My brother James (Doodle) Mc. Who loves Trucks, Black Cats ,Gutiars and Texas. I left out beer, Waylon, Hank and Star Wars. Maybe next birthday!

I feel like I have been gone not only from my craftroom but from my life forever. When does a week feel like forever? I think it does when your life gets an unexpected u-turn and you have to go through a black hole to get on the other side. You know, when your heading East and when you least expect it you look up and your heading West. Your confused but sure enough the sun is going down right in front of you. Not sure how you got there but the fact is you are there. So you have no choice but to except  that your not going EAST. I have learned that sometimes when you try and try again to reach a destination but always come up short, there has to be a reason. If you are not on purpose making a ton on mistakes you cant continally
miss you goal. I learned this week that blind denial labeled faith is not what God had meant when he said "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." Matthew 21:22
I know that God is great and is good to me. I stand on that fact no matter how many u-turns I must take to get to the destination God has for me.
This week I said goodbye to a person who meant more to me than I could ever find words to express. At that point I had to reminded  myself that everything is done for the a glory of God. I pray at this moment that my life will be and always is in the perfect will of God.
Thank you for giving me this moment and letting me put my life into perspective. Now on to a happier moment in life.

In 1973 I was 14 years old. My mother was in her early 40's and my father almost 50. I had an older brother Billy and a younger brother Wayland.We were a happy little family. That year my parents were going to get the surprise of their life's. My mom was going to have another baby.
My youngest brother James was born on July 11 1973. We called him the 7-11 baby. As the baby he was spoiled beyond comprehension! He denies this but I know it to be true. I was there!!! Throughout the years we lost my oldest brother Billy when he was only 19, my middle brother Wayland was lost when he was only 26. My baby brother and I are all that is left of our siblings. So this birthday I want to say Happy Birthday to my brother with all my love. He has a talent for music. He plays a mean guitar and has a wonderful voice. I pray God keeps his safe and brings untold happiness to his door. I love you Doodle!!!!
I hope you enjoy your Texas truck guitar inspired card!
Now everyone go hug your siblings and all loved ones!!!

I made this card using a stamp and a cut from Everyday Paperdolls. I cut the truck at 2.5 inches. The card is a 5x7. The cat was cut from A Childs Year. The guitar and the wings are from a stamp set in my stash. The stamp was to big. So I stamped it on paper then scanned it into my computer. I made it a smaller size and reprinted it. I cut it out and colored it with chalk.

The stars were in a pack from Michael's. Paper was from my stash.
Thank you for reading my blog. Your comments are always welcomed.
Happy Crafting

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